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by | Feb 21, 2022 | Crystals | 0 comments

When it comes to accountability, a lot of us need a little boost. It can be hard to make choices that keep us on the path the universe intends for us day after day, week after week, and month after month. Let’s talk about 10 crystals to help you feel more accountable to the universe.

Whether we get burnt out or just lose our momentum, having a little extra oomph when it comes to holding ourselves accountable to the universe can help even the most dedicated go-getters.

That’s why we’re rounding up the top 10 crystals for accountability – so you can pick up one or two (or a few!) to add to your collection. Surrounding yourself with the energy of accountability, no matter which of the following stones you choose will help you make good choices and stay the path even when things get challenging. 

Pay attention to which of the following crystals speak to you as you read, these crystals for accountability all have different energetic properties!

Each will bring a different level of accountability into your life. The ones that jump out at you are typically the ones you’re meant to be working with!


As we like to say at Smudge: our crystals pick us, we don’t pick them!

10 crystals to help you feel more accountable to the universe.

1. Obsidian 

It’s hard to be accountable when you’re dodging negative energy and your own skepticism, are we right?

That’s why Obsidian is here to help bust that BS!

Keep Obsidian close by to surround yourself with energy conducive to upholding promises to yourself, keeping standards high, and holding yourself accountable to the path the universe has set you on.

This slick black stone banishes negativity set forth by others and yourself – giving you space to expand into who and what the universe is urging you to be.

2. Yellow Jasper 

This bright yellow stone is a powerful one – willpower, that is!

Yellow Jasper will boost that willpower to help keep you accountable and responsible in moments of weakness, making it all the easier to stay on the path the universe has intended for you.

While we think willpower comes from deep inside, it can also come from the energy that we surround ourselves with, and Yellow Jasper will kick that energy up a notch and keep you making those healthy, positive choices!

10 crystals to help you feel more accountable to the universe.

10 crystals to help you feel more accountable to the universe.

3. Amethyst 

Asked the universe to help you find your true purpose lately?

Pick up an Amethyst crystal and let it get to work!

This stunning purple stone is known for supporting full transformation, helping you to find true enlightenment and your genuine purpose – you know, the one the universe is guiding you toward.

Hold yourself accountable with the help of Amethyst’s support as you embark on your journey to transformation. Keep it in a purse or pocket to carry its transformational energy with you all the time! 

4. Citrine 

Another perfect crystal for amping up willpower, sunshiny Citrine calls in positive energy to keep you balanced and well-meaning as you work with the universe to move toward your ideal life.

We often need a little support in keeping our willpower strong and our decisions healthy and positive. That’s where Citrine comes in, lifting you up and providing the strength you didn’t know you had!

Accountability becomes easier and responsibility becomes second nature working with this warm, healing stone.

5. Black Kyanite 

We’re not one to tell others what to do, but if you have a chance to pick up some Black Kyanite – we strongly suggest you do!

As you work to hold yourself accountable to the universe and the path it has you following, Black Kyanite will help block any negative energies or entities from latching onto your hard work and ruining the progress you make.

The last thing you need is negative energy bringing you down. Keep this stunning stone around to banish bad vibes.

6. Sunstone 

If you’re seeking massive, major change and willing to hold yourself accountable in the process, Sunstone is your partner in crime.

This warm, engaging stone supports big-time changes and transformations and helps you take the responsibility needed to see these changes through to the end.

No transformation worth happening ever took place without accountability that held boundaries, got things done, and kept positive thoughts flowing.

Pick up a Sunstone to support your transformation and allow yourself time to bask in the energy of this powerful crystal. 

7. Onyx 

When it comes to holding yourself accountable to the universe, Black Onyx is a stone you want to keep close to!

Helping to enhance self-control, this dark crystal will help you stay strong in the face of challenges and make good decisions even when you aren’t quite feeling them. We can all use a little help with that!

Meditate with this stone to enhance your natural self-control and willpower, keep it on a table or desk near where you spend most of your time, or wear it in a piece of jewelry in order to keep its powerful energy with you all day long!

8. Angelite

Dreamy blue Angelite is an understated, yet powerful crystal. 

This beauty carries a quiet strength to help you stay bold, balanced, and in control as you walk life’s path. Stay accountable by drawing on the strength your Angelite brings forth and continue making progress in peace with its gentle energy.

Carry Angelite with you for an instant connection with the spiritual realm, this crystal makes a beautiful piece of jewelry or addition to your meditation practice!


9. Orange Calcite 

Your personal power is a part of what pushes you forward on your path to transformation, keeping you accountable, giving you the strength to make bold choices, and allowing you to focus on your own journey.

Pick up a piece of bright, beautiful Orange Calcite to accentuate your personal power and all the important things that come with it – like accountability, responsibility, authenticity, and courage.

This orange stone will keep you going strong, even when things get tough!

10 crystals to help you feel more accountable to the universe.

10. Sodalite 

A bounty of accountability, Sodalite will help you boost efficiency and get things done!

One of the best stones for making progress, whether that means staying accountable to your daily meditation, journaling practice, or your yoga mat, this sultry stone keeps us moving forward in a strong, healthy way.

To really punch up your spiritual practice, sleep with Sodalite next to your bed at night to surround you with its energy while you snooze. You’ll go into each day with an efficient, positive attitude, ready to do what’s best for you!

This round-up of crystals for accountability can be the difference between staying the path and having to start over again and again. When we work with the energy of crystals, we call opportunities and strength into our lives that help us move forward in the way the universe intends for our lives.

Which crystals will you up We’d love to know! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @SmudgeWellness and share the stones you’ve added to your collection to help boost accountability