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by | May 9, 2022 | Beyond | 0 comments

If you have wondered about the 4 ways this upcoming lunar eclipse may affect you, then we have just the information you need.

In ancient times, eclipse seasons were feared because they weren’t understood! Civilizations would panic over the sudden loss of light, thinking it was indicative of something negative looming in the shadows. Luckily, we have enough knowledge nowadays to know that these incredibly karmic times aren’t omens but rather periods that mark great transformation and usher in a new era of our lives. They reveal old patterns, insecurities, limitations, and fears, which can be uncomfortable, but ultimately necessary to confront if we want to advance in our journeys.

Here are four concise ways to experience the eclipse’s energy:

As far as spiritual homework assignments go, try not to do any rituals; in fact, try not to do much of anything! With such an influx of energy, the skin shedding, cut ties // new characters, and whole life recalibration will happen on their own. Your only job is to rest, witness, and respond.

4 ways this upcoming lunar eclipse may affect you

You may feel exhausted: Eclipse seasons can be super energetically taxing, so you may feel more tired than usual. And honestly, it’s within your best interest to embrace this! When we get into such a flow of doing and producing, we can forget how much peace is found in doing less. Schedule basic minimal tasks, go to bed earlier, say no to nights out when you know you want a night in, and feel NO guilt about hitting snooze! We aren’t even consciously aware of half of the energy moving through us and the emotions that purging can bring, so you’d be doing your sacred vessel a disservice to make it go any faster than it has the energy for.

You may find some secrets: The element of light and dark shows up in many different ways with eclipses, and what may have once been hidden or camouflaged through a rose-colored lens will now be seen. Illuminating truth and marking the completion of a cycle, whatever is meant to be found out in order for you to cut certainties, end habitual patterns, and release all that has expired will rise to the surface. Only truth can move us forward, so meet yourself and others with as much grace and empathy as possible, because endings are beginnings, and boundaries are offerings of love to your peace!

You may experience change: It’s difficult to foresee what will happen during an eclipse season because of how unpredictable they are by nature! If you’ve ever struggled with surrendering control, take this as an opportunity to strengthen your trust muscle. Allowing invites ease into our lives is one of the essential components of co-creation. You can have a vision and a clear understanding of what you want to manifest in your life, but how it organically unfolds and the package delivered to you sometimes needs to be left up to divine orchestration. Even if you’re witnessing the process grow and it isn’t going according to plan, trust that it’s all happening for you and in perfect timing.

You may experience frustration: I always say that eclipse seasons are like retrograde seasons times twelve and that lunar eclipses are like full moons on steroids, so all of the usual symptoms are sure to be experienced. This means miscommunication, delays, and irrational or heightened emotions.

However, when you know there are astrological transits at play, it permits you to breathe before you act and meet yourself with compassion. Just know that if anyone in your life is working crazier than usual, you probably are, too.