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by | Mar 12, 2021 | Astrology, Beyond, Rituals | 0 comments

My hope is that as we cleanse ourselves of these old mindsets, the things that weigh us down, the fears and the uncertainty, we can make room for what’s to come. What is it that you’re ready for? What new adventures are you dreaming about? What if I told you all it took was 9 min of your day? LOL JK! This won’t do all that, but maybe it will jumpstart this process of discovery for you. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

A quiet comfy place to reflect Your favorite smudging herb(s) Tourmaline, Selenite, or other cleansing crystals Something to write with Lemon + water Your favorite music OR this playlist we curated for you 
  • 1 min of smudging
We all know there are physical and mental benefits to smudging, but smudging during a New Moon, especially in this watery sign of Pisces holds extra special meaning. As you light your smudge, imagine the smoke is like water washing away anything you don’t need anymore, making your aura squeaky clean so that you can apply that gorgeous new layer of metaphysical make-up.  Need a smudging refresher? Check out our video on how to smudge with respect. 
  • 1 minute of a seated twist
Twisted poses in yoga are meant to detox, recenter, and rebalance. Choose one of these poses and make sure to spend extra time on the side that needs it. 
  • 1 min of deep breaths
Studies have shown that just 1 minute of deep breathing can reset your central nervous system and help you deal with stress and anxiety in a more powerful way. My apple watch is constantly reminding me to do this but on tonight’s New Moon it is especially important to pause and breath.  Need more than a minute? Check out these breathwork classes from our friends at Chorus Meditation
  • 1 min of energy work with a cleansing crystal
We love using selenite or tourmaline for an energetic cleanse but any cleansing crystal will do! Use  your cleansing crystal to sweep over your body spending extra time where you feel tension that could be caused by emotional or physical stress. 
  • 1 min of writing for RELEASE
For 60 seconds, write about what you’re releasing from the past. 
  • 1 min of writing to ATTRACT
For 60 seconds, allow your intuition to guide you to what you want to attract. This pisces New Moon is especially sensitive to creative energy so do just that — get creative! 
  • A glass of lemon water
Ancient ayurvedic solution or classic mixer? A glass of warm water with lemon has been proven to aid in digestion, flush out toxins, and rehydrates. 
  • 1 min (or more) of tidying up an area
Choose one small part of your home and tidy up for a minute or more. You’ll feel like fucking Marie Kondo herself after.