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Smudge Wellness-Big Crystal Energy for the Home

Smudge was honored to recently be part of a live segment for California Live, a daily news program featuring the trends and goings-on in our home state. We walked host Malou Nubla through all the how-to’s of adding some crystal energy to the place we spend most of our time. Here’s a run-down on all you need to know if you, too, would like to add a dose of magic to your own abode.

The Basics

When deciding on where to add a crystal or two (or ten, as the case, is for Team Smudge!), think about the specific type of energy that you want to add to a specific room. We urge customers to start by considering the room’s function and the people who spend the most time there. Crystals are dynamic focal points and fountains of energetic frequencies — think of them as another power source that can enhance and amplify the activity and connection that happens in your space. 

Setting Intentions and Purpose for Your At-Home Crystals

In addition to bringing their natural beauty, crystals for the home offer the unique opportunity to add a dose of intention to your domestic space. We recommend that before placing any crystal, take a moment to set an intention for it, infusing it with a particular purpose for what you want to manifest. For example, if you are placing a large Amethyst cluster in your kitchen — a crystal associated with peace, calm, and abundance — create a simple mantra and say it out loud. “This room is a place where we celebrate all of the abundance in our lives each day.” The power of this association is tangible: every time you see it, you will be reminded of that intention and will guide your behavior to follow suit.

Pick Your Power — a Quick User’s Guide

Now that you have the How’s it’s time to decide which crystal is right for each room in your house. Here’s a sample of some of our favorite at-home crystals, with pointers on which rooms tend to pair the best. Just like when you are selecting art for your house, we suggest thinking less about what matches a particular color scheme and focusing more on the energy and feeling behind the crystals. One of the best things about adding healing crystals to your home is that they will integrate with everything, providing a meaningful conversation piece no matter which one you choose.

A note about the shape of a crystal. Crystals come in all shapes and varieties, including raw clusters, points, and spheres. Clusters work well in rooms where people gather because their energy is emanating in several directions at once. Points are wonderful for those spaces where you want to get a little more focused about where you want to direct energy, using their point as a place to send energy in a specific direction — either inward or outward to a loved one. Spheres present energy in a balanced, symmetrical way, so pick one of those if you are looking for a crystal that adds a grounding force to a room.


A primarily purple stone of peace, calm, and abundance, we suggest Amethyst for any room that tends to be high traffic and high stress. This makes it ideal for a busy living room, the kitchen, and if you are the kind of family that likes to unwind in front of Netflix, right next to the sofa and tv.

A primarily purple stone of peace, calm, and abundance, we suggest Amethyst for any room that tends to be high traffic and high stress.-
Smudge Wellness


Citrine is a crystal of positivity and joy. The beautiful deep yellows of a Citrine cluster work well in a place where you need a dose of optimism. Add it to a dining table or breakfast nook — it will foster conversation and can serve as the perfect jumping-off point for a quick round of “What’s something you are excited about?” at your next meal.


The calming blue of a Celestite crystal promotes intellectual curiosity and communication. Try it in a room that invites a deeper level of connection. We love it in a bedroom, reading corner, or in a home office – places where you want to tap into your more cerebral side. 

Rose Quartz

Who doesn’t want to add more love and compassion to their home? The soothing pink beauty of Rose Quartz is particularly powerful in a sphere, adding balanced energy throughout a space. Bedrooms are a logical go-to location for this stone, although we think it makes a beautiful addition to a family room or anywhere else you like to throw a party.


The cleansing energy of Selenite, a white stone that is most common in its natural log form, offers protection to the home. We add Selenite logs to our entryways as a means to clear out negative energy and remind all who come inside your home to release any bad vibes they may have difficulty shaking off. 


A luminescent stone of dark, mysterious beauty, Labradorite taps into a state of higher consciousness. It hones the power of intuition and is great for meditation, so it always makes a great addition to a bathroom, where our mind tends to wander, or bedside to encourage sweet and productive dreams. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a stone of release, grounding, and balance. It is particularly a great go-to when navigating tough situations or when tackling a thorny problem. In the home, they can make for a great foundation for spaces where we tend to worry, so we often recommend a large Smoky Quartz point for a children’s bedroom or on a desk. They can be a physical reminder to you and your loved ones to take a deep breath and a quiet moment to collect yourselves.

Healing crystals for the home are natural, beautiful, and meaningful tools that can be seamlessly added in order to create a balanced and positively energetic space. Want to start decorating, Smudge-style? Check out our shop for some a la carte options and for our extra-large stones, find us at Floramye in Larkspur, California.

Floramye is located at 270 Magnolia Street in Larkspur, California.