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by | Oct 25, 2021 | Crystal Matchmaker | 0 comments

Bio: OK hello, I’m Kya, I just finished acupuncture and I’m grabbing a drink right now with my best friend Tiger’s Eye (she’s on here too) who forced me to make this profile because she says YoU sHoULd TrY dAtiNg YoU’rE aLwaYs WoRkiNg. And I won’t tell her this, but she’s kind of right… I *do* have a lot of energy, and I work really hard — people need my help! SO anyway, I’m from the city, grew up in the village, got my communication degree at NYU and I’m a publicist at [a Fortune 500 or Talkspace??]. They pay me the big bucks because I cut through the bullshit, I see the big picture, and I can call the shots and make decisions. You know? Plus I’m a natural communicator. Anyway I gotta finish this drink with Tiger and take a call for my client. Oh also swipe left if you’re a downer, I don’t have time for negativity. OK bye. 

Perfect date: Axe throwing (I’m not a psycho, it’s actually fun)

What’s in my cup: Espresso martini

After work, you can find me: at the chiropractor, New York Pilates, The Class, or Y7 for something restorative

How my friends describe me: “Intense, but a ray of f*king sunshine”

Theme song: I Like It (Cardi B & J Balvin)

Astrology: Aries sun, Taurus moon, Libra rising