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by | Oct 25, 2021 | Crystal Matchmaker | 0 comments

Bio: If you haven’t been to therapy, swipe left.

If you’re not ready to level up, SWIPE. LEFT.

Are you ready to grow together? Unpack ancestral trauma and heal? Let’s explore together… but we’re leaving our baggage in the past. If you vibe with all of this, if you think compassion is sexy … swipe right.

Perfect date: Sitting in a steamy hot tub with a fishbowl-sized glass of cabernet — sexy and healing.

How my friends describe me: If Lana Del Rey, Gabrielle Union, Lorde, Willow Smith, and Katy Perry fused into one person. Big Scorpio energy.

Most likely to: be healing you with some witchy shit

What’s in my cup: ayahuasca

Celeb icon: Heather Mooney (IYKYK)

Words to live by: “High vibes, no bullshit”

My best quality: I’m loyal asf — I *will* protect you, but you have to step 👏 up 👏  (I’m not here for a one-sided relationship)

Astrology: Scorpio, obviously