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by | Oct 25, 2021 | Crystal Matchmaker | 0 comments

Bio: I’m a big presence… like if a megaphone was a personality! Do you need a megaphone? Imagine what we could do together! I’m not clingy, but I *am* a communicator, so we’ll be talking a lot. If you’re going to be with me, you need to try to get on my level!

Perfect date: Anything in the performing arts — a play or musical, a concert, dance performance… I love it!

What I’m looking for: the WiFi password

Favorite movie: You’ve Got Mail

What’s in my cup: Blueberry lavender tea latté

I’ll fall in love with you if: you find me the WiFi password. Kidding! If you’re a good communicator… don’t make me wait for a text.

Words to live by: “Shut your mouth while I’m speaking my truth!” — Benito Skinner

You should go out with me if: you want someone to rehearse your tough conversations with, and you need help finding your voice

Astrology: Libra sun, Gemini moon, Aries rising (I like, always fall in love with Tauruses tho?? Must be the whole throat chakra thing)