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by | Dec 21, 2021 | Tarot | 0 comments

Capricorn Season Tarotscopes is here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from December 21-January 19, 2022. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Here we are, Capricorn Season, a time for building, planning and new beginnings, which you can see in the way the world prepares itself for the new year. For the next month, we’ll all be fueled by the hard-working spirit of the sign of the goat, setting our sights on the future with determination and vigor.  I’m already feeling that 2022 is going to be a wild year. 

Capricorn’s are well-known for being ambitious, persistence, practical and highly disciplined… This season, as I pulled cards, I started to notice a trend.  The  energy was active with a ton of momentum.  The message for us all is that this will be a time to put one foot in front of the other and begin taking inspired action. 

Capricorn is here to build things that last — be it a partnership, home, business, routine, structures, or lifestyle. What desires are you wanting to bring to material form?

If you know where Capricorn lives in your own chart, you can use the energy of the season to really hone in on your priorities or plans for the future and see how to best dedicate this time to those areas, slowly and precisely. 

Capricorns can be sensitive, playful and super spiritual if the right foundations are created. So definitely try to have a bit of relaxed fun about whatever you’re working on. Before taking action, think about how you can manifest your dreams or move towards your goals feeling aligned. What needs to be nourished, first, so that you can create from the most grounded energy possible. 

Stepping into your purpose won’t happen overnight, but if you can hold your vision for what you want to create and continue to ground it in action, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.  

Capricorn season focus words are :  energetic, charismatic, warm, spiritual and this month you can use the energy as a vehicle for lasting change.

Aries | Page of Wands 

Embrace the opportunity to start out on a new journey or project and see where things can lead you this month, Aries.  When page energy comes into your life, this is a spark, newness, the beginning of something that could literally be anything… do not limit yourself with the “how”, focus on “where”, “what” and begin creating a vision for you to pour your heart into.  

Taurus | Three of Cups

I hate the word “relax” for us Taurus folx.  Because we are so good at it that it can often be the cause of our own demise. If you’ve been feeling pressure to perform, produce or to create something seemingly out of thin air – and it’s causing more stress – take a step back and just focus on having fun.  Reach out to friends who fill you with joy and distract yourself from whatever it is that’s draining your energy.  Creativity flows when your energy is in flow.

Gemini | Knight of Wands

Trust, things are going better than you think and any ventures you will take on are likely to be more successful than expected. It’s ok to feel enthusiastic and pumped about where you’re headed or what’s waiting for you around the corner, Gemini. This is a sign to take action now, but also a warning to not be too hasty.  Do what you do best, weigh all sides to avoid any surprises that might hinder your forward movement. Think clear and intentional.

Cancer | Three of Swords

Trust your intuition is this moment. Right now, there’s a lack of clarity, communication, and focus which is causing things around you to feel heavy.  Use the Capricorn energy to set out a plan for what you want. Be unafraid to get to the bottom of any loose ends blowing in the wind. Be honest with yourself and others about your needs, thoughts, and feelings. Only then can you get that dagger out of your heart to begin living in alignment again.

Leo | Seven of Wands (reversed)

You could be feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and challenges that you are facing. DO NOT GIVE UP. Remember that even though you can’t see progress right now doesn’t mean it isn’t being made. If people are able to see your vision, then you must go it alone, do not let their judgment make you doubt yourself.  See this moment in time as beneficial, the contrast you’re experiencing is causing you to ask deeper questions. 

Virgo |  Seven of Cups (reversed) 

Virgo, I hate to say it but, your views may be more fantasy than grounded in reality. Take this month to get clear about the things that you are searching for. Let go of the future tripping and worrying – all you have to do is choose. Decide that what you want is possible and you won’t be distracted or led astray by shiny objects. You know when you put your mind to something, anything is possible.  Dream the dream and believe in it.

Libra | Six of Swords

Finally, the dark cloud seems to be lifting, or perhaps it’s you that is moving away.  Libra, the six swords is a good sign; calmer waters are on the horizon. If you’re able to see that where you’re headed is actually really good you’ll be able to rid yourself of that murky feeling for good.  Loss is never easy, and transition often feels uncomfortable, but you must let go of whatever is holding you back and gaze ahead towards your future totally untethered.

Scorpio | Three of Wands

Your hard work is paying off Scorpio. We love to see it!!  Keep that fire burning because things are looking bright for you. These wands are letting you know that your plan is well underway and you may start seeing the fruits of your labor soon enough (if you haven’t already).  There’s no turning back now, keep doing what you’re doing and stay the course. I recommend giving thanks for where you are to provide the mind evidence of your success if you ever start to doubt yourself.

Sagittarius | Ten of Wands

What was Nemo’s mantra “just keep swimming..” — that’s your advice, Sag. While you may be feeling exhausted, the end is so close, can you see it? Keep going, you are strong enough. You are entering the end of a phase, the closing of a chapter. Soon enough you will be feeling so much lighter and free. What strengths have you gained these last few months? You’ll need them to carry you through as you push up to the peak of that proverbial mountain top..

Capricorn | The Chariot

This is your time to move, to take the lead, and to do what you want to do.  Maybe you’re literally thinking of making a move or taking a trip. Perhaps you need to find a new place to work or rearrange your living space. Whatever it is Capricorn, right now you must do everything you can to make sure you’re feeling energized, successful, and aligned.  As you approach the next trip around the sun, how will you begin to restructure your life the way you want? 

Aquarius | Two of Swords

You’re never stuck, it’s just not in your nature. That feeling you’re feeling may be coming from not listening to your intuition. You may be ignoring your internal compass and THAT is why things feel confusing. This is a chance to reconnect with Source. Close your eyes, get still, and breathe. Ask yourself what a yes feels like, and then a no – think about what you are being offered. If it feels like a yes, move forward. If it feels like a no, well then, you have your answer.

Pisces | The Fool

New beginnings are here and all you have to do is move forward with trust.  I would also suggest getting a clear vision (make a vision board, jot your goals down, etc) if you want to really take advantage of this energy. This month is the clean slate you were looking for, where everything is reset and you have a chance to start anew.  Where you go, what you manifest and the experiences you have to depend on the intentions set right now.  Go you.