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by | Dec 3, 2021 | Spiritual Practice, The Dirt, Wellness | 0 comments

One of the things I have found to be really important in my spiritual wellness journey is having a dedicated space for your wellness practice. 

My first spiritual space kind of came together by accident.  I created a spiritual wellness shelf on my bookshelf with all my crystals, incense, and tarot decks.  I started adding trinkets that spoke to me.  I was going off of pure intuition and making it up as I went.  As I started to tap into spiritual wellness and reading more and doing some research, I realized that I had unconsciously created a sacred space for myself. 

When I got ready to move, I examined all I had gathered and thought about what I wanted to carry to my new space.

Building and maintaining a spiritual wellness space at home is an impactful way to cultivate sacred space in your everyday life. Your space can also serve as a reminder and a tool to practice regular self-care throughout your day and life. 

Many folks build altars and I recently learned that the Latin root of the altar, altārium, means “high.” Altars are traditionally a raised area of worship where people can honor their higher-ups with offerings.  Your spiritual wellness space is yours to create and can include anything that is meaningful to you.  It can be inside or outdoors, simple or ornate. 

It can be a formal space for worship, ritual, and prayer, but it can also simply be an intentional place in your room or your home for meditation, gratitude, and reflection.  The act of setting up a space at home is a simple and potent way to start nourishing that neglected part of our wellbeing. 

You may have already created a sacred space without even realizing it. Maybe there’s a little nook in your home, a corner of your desk, a mantle, or a shelf where some favored trinkets have found a home. Let’s talk about how to start or nourish your space with some inspiration and guidance.  

Find a home for your sacred space – location, location, location as they say. Is there a spot in your home that makes you good, somewhere that you want to spend time and feels comfortable to you? Think about making that your sacred space.  You want to create a space you will enjoy and utilize for your self-care and growth.  

Clear and Cleanse – After choosing the location of your space, you want to clear and clean your space. Use some sage to ensure that your space is cleansed of negative energy. If you can, tidy up your entire home since an unkempt space can harbor negative energy.  Turn on music, open your windows, and have some fun getting to work. This step will help you start channeling positive energy into your home.

Set an intention for your space – Start building by considering what’s sacred to you. What’s the purpose of your space and what do you want to honor? How do you want it to motivate you? Thinking about these questions can help you gain clarity on how to design your space and what to include in it.

Gather items that inspire and fuel you – There are no real rules regarding what can or should be included in your sacred space. You can include crystals, tools, trinkets, and photographs of those who are nearest and dearest to you.  Your goal is to compile a collection of items that connect and resonate with your spirit. There isn’t a right or wrong way to set up your space, allow the items to speak to you and place them accordingly.  Your space should include all of the elements (earth, fire, wind & water).  Earth can be represented by crystals, fire represented by a candle, wind/air can be represented by incense and water can be represented by a cup of water. 

Protecting Your Space – Including items for protection, such as a white and red candle, is a must. There are two colors that fight off negativity. Other protective items include black salt or protective crystals.  Light your candle at least once a day while you meditate to strengthen your space’s protection powers. 

Using Your Spiritual Space – We all have our own spiritual routines and practices, and there is no right or wrong way to use your space. The key is making it a consistent practice. Some ways to use your space are meditation, journaling, contemplation, intention-setting, candle-gazing, pulling oracle cards, reading, chanting, praying, and connecting with your intuition. Regularly giving your space some TLC is also part of the magic.  Dust and organize it every week or so, keeping flowers fresh and adding new offerings or items that reflect your current intentions. Let your space be a reflection of your self-care.  If your space gets dusty and unkept, take it as a sign that it’s time to reconnect with yourself.

  • Possible Items to Gather: 
  • Photos of your ancestors or friends
  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Written prayers, spells, or rituals
  • Flowers
  • Statues
  • Pictures or objects that remind you of what you’re manifesting
  • Beloved books
  • A journal
  • A meditation cushion
  • Tarot and oracle cards
  • Incense