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by | Dec 22, 2022 | Spiritual Wellness | 0 comments

Learning the seven chakras doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply stick with expert Jazmin Kylene as she guides you through the body’s seven chakras. Jazmin breaks down the chakras in a unique way by assigning each one to a Bravo housewives’ iconic moments. The seven energetic points in our body can be responsible for our behavior. A good example of this is when Candice’s and Monique’s root chakra was clearly overactive during their infamous fight. The root chakra helps us govern the way we process fear hence why these two ladies simply just couldn’t see eye to eye. Our chakras can also be underwhelmed and underactive, like Vicki Gunvalson’s heart chakra when her love tank is empty. Ideally, we aim to keep our chakras perfectly balanced like Kyle’s sacral chakra that, is constantly having her overserving us with one too many splits that nobody asked for, sorry not sorry, Kyle. We can’t think of a better way to learn about our chakras than accompanied by a little Bravo tea-spilling session with Jazmin!

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