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Crystals for Action and Focus

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Crystals | 0 comments

If you’re looking for help with focus, concentration, and taking action, look no further! We’re rounding up the best crystals for focus and action into one place. All the information on their healing properties will be available to you here in this post anytime, helping you choose which of your crystals to call on to pull through a challenging time.

We know that it can be way too easy to fall into a place of feeling unmotivated and having trouble concentrating on the tasks we have on our to-do lists, and we wouldn’t be Smudge Wellness if we didn’t provide you with our favorite crystals to rev you back up! On this list you’ll find a whole variety of crystals to help bring you a sense of focus and concentration while firing you up to take action and get things done!

If any of the crystals speak to you, make note of which ones they are so you can go back and explore them. Crystals choose us, we don’t choose them! The ones that can be most beneficial to you and support you the most in your life will connect with you through their descriptions. You’ll know when it’s a perfect fit!

Amazonite. We can’t talk about crystals for focus and concentration without talking about Amazonite! Amazonite is a beautiful blue hue and can help you clear your head of any emotional turmoil and tension, soothing and calming you to a place where you can bring your focus onto what’s in front of you. Amazonite is closely associated with our body’s nervous system, which enables it to calm anxiety and bring you mental clarity when your thoughts feel foggy. Meditating with Amazonite before working on a big project, assignment, or studying, will help you focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand and put to the side the things that typically distract you.

Blue Quartz. When we’re feeling overwhelmed with life or unfocused on a task, we need tools to help bring us mental clarity. There’s no better stone to pull this powerful energy from than Blue Quartz! It’s known to help eliminate irrational and illogical thoughts, allowing us space to focus on solutions rather than problems, while bringing us focus and creativity. Blue Quartz is the perfect crystal to help you become more organized and balanced, whether at home or in the workplace. Keep it on your desk to ensure you have clarity around big projects, and on your nightstand to help you go to bed with a clear head at night!

Green Quartz. Looking for a crystal to help you feel more in control of your thoughts? Trying to reel in those negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones, reducing unhealthy reactions? Green Quartz will not only improve your concentration and memory, it positively affects your mental clarity and has an uplifting energy to help us feel less overwhelmed by our thoughts and more in control of them. This can be particularly helpful when you’re investing a lot of emotion into a situation and need to stay calm and focused on the outcome. It’ll lift general feelings of fogginess and bring more clear vibes to even the fuzziest of days. Keep this stone in your pocket or purse to keep this mental clarity and uplifting energy with you throughout the day.

Carnelian. Carnelian’s fiery orange-red color reminds us that this stone acts as a powerful boost of motivation and drive when we need it! Whether this means hitting the gym for your 5th workout this week, or building up the stamina to put the kids to bed after a long day at the office, Carnelian can help you go the distance. This stunning stone is also known for helping us to release fears which may be standing in the way of us moving forward toward our goals! It’s one of the best crystals for taking action, motivating us into positive movement, and allowing us to take care of what needs to get done. To help you ride out its energy, meditate with your Carnelian first thing in the morning and carry it with you throughout the day to maintain that boost of energy!

Almandine Garnet. This deep, dark red crystal gets serious props for kicking us into gear! Known for it’s almost black appearance with red fire throughout, Almandine Garnet is a major motivator and can stand in as your personal cheerleader when you’re lacking the drive to get something done. It increases both our motivation and our energy, giving us everything we need to push through difficult days or challenging tasks. If you’re searching for a crystal that will truly fire you up and give you that caffeine boost without the mid-day coffee, Almandine Garnet will get the job done. Try wearing it in a piece of jewelry as a way to keep its powerful effects with you all day long.

Tangerine Quartz. Tangerine Quartz crystals can range in color from light yellow to deep rust, and are mostly found in the beautiful landscapes of Brazil. The warmth you find in the color of Tangerine Quartz comes from minerals such as iron dioxide, and keeping this stone close by can help you get things done and get things done fast! It increases motivation and focus and also boosts your self-confidence, something we can all use! Tangerine Quartz helps us face our inner issues without judgment or criticism, allowing us to create space to move forward and go for our goals rather than be held back by old stories. We can all feel stuck from time to time, whether energetically or quite literally stuck in a place in our lives, and Tangerine Quartz can help us break free and boost our motivation to continue on our path forward.

All of these crystals for taking action and crystals for focus and concentration will allow you space to focus on yourself and your tasks and get done what needs to be done – even when lagging energy and lack of mental clarity stand in the way. Harness the power of the crystals that you felt drawn to as you read, keeping them with you throughout the day, on your bedside to clarify your energy at night, or meditating with them in the morning to really rev you up!

Deciding which of these crystals to bring into your collection to help boost your motivation and focus is a personal choice, but we know each one of them can be a positive addition to your home or altar. The crystal that feels right to you is the one that will bring you the most power and provide the most benefit to you, your life, and your spiritual practice. There’s no wrong choice, and each one will help you focus and take action in the area of your life you’re feeling stagnant in. So what are you waiting for? Motivation awaits!