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by | Dec 21, 2021 | Crystals | 0 comments

The holidays are often thought of as the perfect time to spread joy. The glitz of the brightly colored lights, the ringing of bells and holiday songs, so many things to perk us up after what have been a challenging few years amidst the stress of the pandemic.

But what do you do when you’re just not…feeling it? We’ve got you covered with a round-up of crystals whose healing properties help amplify all the holiday feels like joy, connection, and happiness. 

From the best crystals for happiness to crystals for connection with others, we’ve put together all you need to know to get you through the holiday season with an enhanced sense of joy and peace.

As you read, pay gentle attention to which crystals stand out to you and speak your name. Here at Smudge, we love to say your crystals choose you, not the other way around!

The crystal(s) that give you a little nudge as you read are likely the ones you need to help bolster you through the holiday season.


Crystals for Happiness

Amazonite. According to Cosmic Cuts, the number one happiness gemstone is considered to be cool, soothing blue Amazonite, which carries with it playfully, carefree vibes.

Amazonite represents the strong, intuitive Amazonian Women it’s named after, and as such is also a perfect stone to bring authentic truth to the surface when working with it. This lends to it being one of the best crystals for happiness, as when we stand in our truth, we find purity and joy in being our authentic selves.

Citrine. Citrine is a beautiful, warm, yellow-orange crystal that carries the healing and cheery energy of the sunlight. 

Citrine is one of the top crystals that bring happiness and is a must-have for the holiday season. It’s bright glow surrounds you with warmth and joy, creating a happy, healthy environment and a comforting, joyful essence surrounding your festivities.

Carry Citrine with you in a pocket or purse to keep its upbeat energy with you from morning to night.


Crystals for Joy

Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a super special crystal for so many reasons, but in the realm of joy, Rose Quartz promotes gentle compassion and inner-calm, which can be huge components in creating a joyful attitude.

Working with Rose Quartz, known as the Love Stone, will bring compassion to areas you may typically approach with harshness, adding ease to your everyday life and allowing you to treat yourself with love and become aware of the joy around you.

Wearing Rose Quartz as jewelry is a perfect way to keep yourself surrounded with compassion and joy throughout the season.

Turquoise. At Tiny Rituals, we’re reminded that Turquoise is one of the best crystals for joy and can be responsible for bringing joyful people into our lives.

When we surround ourselves with people who promote joy and happiness in our lives, fill our world with warmth, and bring us comfort and light, we experience joy in a multitude of ways. 

Turquoise can be just the key to attracting these people to your life and nurturing your relationships with them to keep them front, center, and healthy.

Keeping Turquoise stones in your home can further support these joyful relationships. Try placing a beautiful bowl of polished turquoise stones in your living room or a few in your bedroom.

Connection Crystals


Connect With the Universe

Blue Lace Agate. Stunning Blue Lace Agate helps us connect with the spiritual realm and strengthen our connection with the universe. It encourages spiritual growth and overall promotes a calm, peaceful relationship with our world as changes and challenges take place.

Keep Blue Lace Agate in your home, under your pillow, or use it for meditation to cultivate a unique connection with the universe and enhance the intuitive sense that allows you to follow your truth and stand in your power.

Love Connection

Pink Tourmaline. This heart chakra crystal is a perfect stone to keep close for bringing love connections into your life or repairing love connections that need a little TLC. 

With protective properties, Pink Tourmaline will help you hold defense against any emotional difficulties that arise in your relationship as well as promote honesty and truth in working through any existing challenges – a must for healthy love connections.

Ready to bring more joy into your life? These crystals for happiness and connection with others can bolster your joyfulness and enhance your relationships!

Crystals for Family Connection

Ruby. Healing Crystals is fast to recommend using Ruby to strengthen family connections and heal existing family wounds or discord. 

As a stone of commitment, this blazing red precious gemstone enhances the family bond and eases our tendency to place blame on each other, allowing family members to come together to form solutions rather than exacerbate problems.

Creating a holiday season full of joy, happiness, and connection that feels fulfilling and comforting to you doesn’t always come naturally, and at times we have to bring in a few extras to help us find our way.

Our hope is that these crystals help curate connections and joy where it’s most important to you this season, whether that’s joy within your own heart or connections with your loved ones.

Crystals have the incredible power to surround us with energy that can change our entire experience of a day, situation, or relationship. As you choose which of these crystals to bring into your life this season, feel into which one speaks to you the most.

Regardless of which crystal you introduce into your world, remain open to joy, magic, and connection as you work with it. 

Don’t forget to tag us @SmudgeWellness and let us know how you’re using your crystal this season! We love being a small part of making your holidays brighter!