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 It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a wise person once said. Or, rather, so said a person who maybe didn’t have an overflowing list of to-do’s, obligations, or the emotional roller coaster that comes part and parcel with all the many joyful aspects of the holiday season. But we think they had the right idea, which is why our December theme is Celebration.

This month, we’ll center our content on what celebration means within the context of your spiritual wellness practice. This means articles and videos on all the how-to’s of integrating healing crystals, astrology, tarot, rituals, and more into your annual traditions, gatherings, and daily sanity checks so that you end this holiday season feeling whole, energized, and grounded. Because it’s not just about all the cookies and cocktails (though we’ll likely be enjoying some of those, too!).

Another aspect we’ll be digging into this month is how to best celebrate the year that you’ve had and the year that is to come. Expect lots of Smudge guidance on what a new calendar year can signify for your spiritual wellness practice, including how to invite positive closure on the last year, as well as navigating all the ways in which you can manifest meaningful and purposeful action in 2022 so that you are living your most magical life on the terms that matter most to you.

Over at the Shop, you can find all our favorite ways to celebrate you and the ones you love with Smudge Wellness gifts this holiday season and for the New Year, including our best-selling self-care Advent Calendar, now in its colorful third edition, featuring all you need to activate and align your chakras. We’re stocked and ready to ship our ready-to-gift calendar along with our curated collection of a la carte crystals, ritual kits, intention decks, and more so you can be the rockstar of every December occasion and beyond.

One of the best parts about Celebration Season (yes, that’s what we’re calling it now) around Smudge HQ is that we get to be part of the amazing energy that circulates extra hard between people this time of year. We hear your stories, we see the affirmations you write to each other — yes, we often need tissues — and we get to honor so many magical moments of your life alongside you and your loved ones.

Thank you for letting us be part of your universe this holiday season. We appreciate and adore each and every one of you. 

With love and gratitude,