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by | Oct 25, 2021 | Crystal Matchmaker | 0 comments

Bio: Hi! I’m Desert Rose. I love life, love a challenge, and fully believe in the power of positivity. I’m pretty spiritual, a little into astrology, and deeply connected to my family and ancestral roots. My favorite thing in the world is traveling — I love an adventure! — and I would say my best quality is confidence. I would love to find someone on my level to adventure through life with. 

Perfect date: Aerial yoga, followed by some tagine, and a moonlit walk

Favorite place to travel: Morocco, Tunisia, and North Africa in general (it’s where my family is from!) or the Cave of Crystals in Mexico!

Theme song: Three Little Birds, Bob Marley (every little thing IS gonna be alright)

What’s in my cup: Rooh Afza spritz — love the rose flavor

Words to live by: every word of the lyrics in “Like a Girl” by Lizzo

I’ll fall for you if: You book two one way tickets to a faraway place; maybe Durbar Square in Kathmandu?

What I’m looking for: Someone to meditate with me!

Astrology: Libra sun, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising