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by | Feb 8, 2022 | Astrology | 0 comments

We all know the saying that there are two sides to every story. It’s something my parents would tell me when I was young to make sure that I was considering how others felt and that I was trying to consider other perspectives. This applies, in a sense, to the story of each zodiac sign. There are many sides to each of the signs that aren’t fully explored or understood. Sure, we all love the cliches, memes, and generalization jokes but taking time to analyze the complexities of each helps in the understanding of how the signs might manifest themselves.

In the simplest sense, we can look at the relationship between sister signs to understand the “duality” of the zodiac signs. The sister signs are as follows – Aries & Libra, Taurus & Scorpio, Gemini & Sagittarius, Cancer & Capricorn, Leo & Aquarius, Virgo & Pisces. The sister signs, in many ways, are like two sides of the same coin. The pairs complement each other and complete each other’s energies. Being a part of “the same coin” allows for “duality” in all of the signs because we can find that in many cases that one sign can tap into the energy of their sister. We can find a Libra who is ready to post up like an Aries, a Capricorn who is just as nurturing as a Cancer, or even an Aquarius who shines like a Leo. It is imperative to understand that these pairings are not mutually exclusive. Always remember that the sister signs complement each other and aren’t truly “opposites” of each other.

We can also explore the duality of the signs through the opposite qualities of what we know to be true for the signs. There can be passive Aries, quiet Geminis, altruistic Tauruses, and so on. Each individual’s experience is different from the next, and factors such as upbringing, relationships with other signs, and other sociocultural factors. This opposite qualities type manifestation can also be present when we look at retrograde planets. Retrogrades are, quite literally, the reverse motion of a planet that can see the reverse manifestation of what we typically expect to see.

Some things to consider when thinking about the duality of the signs are that the energies we know and love from each sign are still present. We might not see the prominence of what we know to be standard through that person’s expression of a sign. Virgos will have a sense of particularity to them, even if they aren’t as organized as we anticipate them to be. Pisces will have a reflective tone with their life, but that doesn’t mean they will always be living in the past. The duality of the signs is this careful balance between what we know, and what are the less expressed manifestations of the signs. It is important to take into consideration the variety of expressions of the signs and that what we know to be true, might not be the truth for others.

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