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by | May 9, 2022 | Tarot, Uncategorized | 0 comments

What takes most of us out of flow is an unwillingness to let life unfold the way it wants to.

We have been conditioned to plan, prepare, manifest, and go after what we want with full force – which I firmly stand behind. But I’ve learned that the “art of allowing” is also a beautiful practice to master and one I believe can carry you far in any pursuit of living authentically.

When you’re out of flow, life feels sluggish, challenging and just all around OFF — but this is a great place to be because the lack of flow signals there are things that need to shift in your life.

And YOU are the one who can make it happen.

So if you’re ready to figure out exactly what needs to happen in order to create more flow into your life, try this 7 card spread. You’ll dive deeper into the energetic tides swirling around you and discover blocks as well as resolutions to the issue at hand.

7 Card ‘Find Your Flow’ Tarot Spread

Remember to take your time with these prompts and allow yourself to receive the messages that will best serve your forward movement with ease, and flow.