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This past year at Smudge, we have enjoyed highlighting healers from all different walks of life and practices.  At Smudge Wellness, we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and love shining a spotlight on other lights in the Spiritual Wellness Space.  We highlighted a lot of really great healers this year throughout different holidays and seasons and are excited to celebrate them some more this holiday season.  Please check them out – like, follow, subscribe, and shop their merch and their services.  Give the gift of spiritual wellness this season by sharing the love with these healers.

In alphabetical order by First Letter:


Known for:

Where to Find Them: (Follow Their Link for more!)

Ada Rojas

Soul-centered Creative Entrepreneur

Founder of Huda Guru, a yogic company that provides services for Senior Centers, Schools and Physical Therapy offices

Adric Samuel

Ahmed The Yogi

Founder of Ahmed The Yogi, a yogic company hosting retreats, workshops, and events.

Akosua Akoto

Dancer/Choreographer/Certified Rehabilitation Specialist

Alejandra  Kanashiro 

Shadow Work, Subconscious Healing and Human Design. Will help you shatter patterns, reprogram and consciously manifest your life.

Alexis Nikole

Foraging and Environmental Scientist Enthusiast, Vegan food concocter

Dr. Ayanna Abrams

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Adrienne Keene

Go-to academic and blogger behind the website

Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy

Co-founders of Modern Fertility

Ailsa Emmel

Certified Nurse Midwife and Blogger

Alison Désir

Founder of Harlem Run and Run 4 All Women 

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Moon Juice Founder, Chef, Food Educator

Amy Morin

LCSW, Psychotherapist, and Author

Ana Lilia

Certified Breathwork Teacher and Healer

Arianna Huffington

Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

Bertha Hidalgo

PhD, Genetic Epidemiologist and Founder of Chic in Academia

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Peloton yoga + meditation instructor, Founder of Yoga, Literature, & Art Camp at Spelman 

Chelsea Williams

Plant-based public health specialist, Digital content creator, and Wellness writer

Cheyenne Bostock

Advisor, Coach, and Author

Christina Rice

Wellness Teacher & Founder, OMNoire

Christine Vazquez and Lauren Brewer

Creators of The Truth Decks, Psychic Readings, Reiki & Yoga, Spiritual Lifestylists

Calina Lawrence 

Member of the Suquamish Tribe and musician who dedicates her artistry and energy to address racial injustice.

Corinne Rice

Travels to other tribal communities to educate them on how to fight human trafficking and is an Oglala and Mohawk woman.

Cali Wolf

Author, Activist, and Coordinating Director of NativeWomensWilderness

CeCe Olisa

Writer, speaker, inspirational role model, and Co-founder of Curvy Con 

Chelsey Luger

Writer, Athlete, and Founder of wellforculture

Candy Calderon

Founder @glowwellnesstour. Diversity in Wellness Advocate

Christine Gutierrez

Licensed therapist and love addiction coach who runs Cosmic Christine

Danny Fluker Jr 

Founder and CEO of Black Boys OM

Darian Hall and Elisa Shankle

Co-Founders of HealHaus

Davina Davidson

Founder of Be You Be Well and Melanin Yoga Project

Ebony Ava Harper

Director of California TRANScends

Erika Polsinelli

Kundalini Breathwork Healer and Founder of Evolve By Erika

Evelyn Brooks

Founder, In My Solitude LA

Faith Hunter

Globally recognized yoga + meditation instructor, Author + SheO

Ginger Dean

Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, and Creator of The Inner Circle

Gabby Rivera

Writer and Author of Juliet Takes a Breath

Giselle Schreiner

Intuitive Health & Life Coach

Grace Duong

Multidisciplinary Artist & Author

Hawane Rios

On the frontlines at Mauna Kea, protecting the sacred Hawaiian mountain that is slated for the construction of a Thirty-Meter Telescope.

Jacki Carr & Mary Beth Larue

Yoga + Life Coach, Founders of Rock Your Bliss – “Making shift happen”

Jay Ell Alexander

Owner and CEO of Black Girls RUN!

Jenny Wang

PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jessica Clemons

MD, Board-Certified Psychiatrist

Jessica Rihal 

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Jordan Marie Daniel

Activist and Athlete

Jessamyn Stanley

Yoga Teacher. Writer. Body Positivity Advocate.

Jodie Patterson

LGBTQI advocate, an author and mother-of-five

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Licensed Psychologist, Speaker, Author, Media Personality, and the host of the mental health podcast, Therapy for Black Girls. 

Justin Michael Williams 

Author, Speaker, and Musician

Kamean Daniels

Founder and CEO of Kemetic Yogi

Karine Plantadit

Yoga Guide

Kibibi Shani

Herbalist, Healer, and Tarot Reader

Kimberly Natasha

Founder of Hued 

Kimberlynn Acevedo –

Trauma Transformation Coach. Energy Worker. Youth Educator

Koya Webb

Wellness Visionary and Educator

Kute Blackson
Transformational Truth Teacher & Best-Selling Author

Lalah Delia

Author, Spiritual writer, Wellness educator, Founder of Vibrate Higher Daily

Laruga Glaser

Ashtanga Yoga Educator

Lauren Ash

Founder & CEO, Black Girl In Om, The Circle

Lilia G. Ashe 

Women’s Health and Wellness – Podcast Host | Womb Activator | Lifestyle Blogger

Nikki Sanchez

Dedicated to decolonizing communities and creating media and representation for Indigenous creatives.

Manuel “Manny MUA” Gutierrez

Makeup Artist, Founder of Lunar beauty, Youtuber

Matika Wilbur

Project 562 (as in the 562 Indidenous Nations) showcases positive representations of Native Americans in their modern lives.

Dr. Mariel Buquè

PhD, Holistic Therapist

Maya Feller

MS, RD, CDN, Nutrition Expert and Author

May Zhu

RDN, Founder of Nutrition Happens

Mario Austin

Founder of MARIO OM

Mariom Yoga 

Massy Arias 

Health Coach CEO

Mariel Buque 

Therapist, Psychologist and Columbia University trained doctor with a background in holistic psychology

Melanie Santos 

Wellness leader, intuitive healer, and creator.

Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez and Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon 

Practical magicians. Afro-Indigenous Black Latinx Twin Sisters.Social-Science Brujas.Ph.D.s

Millana Snow

Energy Healer, Breathwork Facilitator + founder of

Millana Snow 

Morning Star Gali

An Indigenous organizer speaking on panels about Native Heritage Month and ending the incarceration of girls and women.

McKel Kooienga

MS, RD, LDN, Author and Founder of Nutrition Stripped

Michelle Rivas

Educator, Writer, and Founder of The Healthy Latina

Nicole Cardoza

Founder of Wellemental and The Anti-Racism Daily Podcast, 

Nyasha Chikowore

Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD), and Children’s Book Author

Giraffe Asks For Help

Pervis Taylor

International Life Coach, Speaker & Author

Dr. Poonam Desai

Emergency Medicine Physician and Blogger

Rakia Finley

Founder of By Grace Retreat, Copper & Vine Studio

By Grace Retreat 

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

Writer, Lecturer and Founder of the Loveland Foundation

The Loveland Foundation 

Rueben Brock

Assistant Professor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Youtuber and Author

House Call with Dr Brock 

Sarah Eagle Heart

Advocating for the importance of representation of Indigenous people in film and TV as a Lakota Emmy-award winning social justice storyteller.

Robin Arzon

Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton, Best Selling Author

Robin Berzin

MD & Founder of Parsley Health

Roz Mays (AKA Roz The Diva)

Certified Pole Instructor and Personal Trainer

Shelah Marie

Founder of Curvy, Curly, Conscious

Serena Poon

CN, CHC, CHN, Leading Chef, Nutritionist, and Reiki Master

Sophie Jaffe

Founder of The Philosophie

Sophia Roe

Chef, Wellness Writer, and Advocate

Swaady Martin

Author, Founder of YSWARA tea, Tounché Consciousness Summit & Loving Kindness Boma

Tanaya Winder

A musician, songwriter, and spoken word artist who uses her platform to promote self-love and indigenous visibility.

Tara Houska

Named Change Maker by National Geographic, you can follow her from a demonstration in Minneapolis to a protest against the pipeline in Alberta’s tar sands.

Tatyana Daniels

Founder of IndGenius, a social enterprise that aims to support Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander youth with their secondary and tertiary education, providing academic tutors to advance their success.

Talib Jasir

Storyteller, Author, Podcast producer, and Advocate for the People

Taraji P. Henson

The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation: 

Boris L Henson Foundation 

Tatiana Morales

Tarot Diviner, Spiritist, and Mama

Tina Lifford

Actor & Founder of The Inner Fitness Project

The Inner Fitness Project 

Ty Alexander

Bestselling Author, Wellness strategist + Podcaster + DJ, Community Leader – Selfcare IRL
Ty Alexander 

Thosh Collins

A photographer who uses his O’odham teachings to share “positive, cutting edge, stylized images of Indigenous people, cultures, and communities.”

Tomas Karmelo

Photographer, filmmaker, and poet capturing breathtaking portraits of Indigenous representation: jingle dress dancers, fourth-year medical students, actors, and activists.

Dr. Veroshk Williams
A spiritual, emotional, and wellness entrepreneur

Winona LaDuke

Focuses on sustainable development as both a farmer and Indigenous rights activist.

Ye Vette Derene

Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Visionary of Glitter Follows Her

YoNasDa Lonewolf

An Oglala Lakota and African-American national community organizer.