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by | Apr 29, 2022 | Rituals | 0 comments

How a Scream Session Powered the Bonds of Friendship – RITUALS

For a long time, like literally years at this point, it has felt like we’ve been in a stasis of sorts, waiting for this Covid thing to go away. Unfortunately, it is becoming our new normal and we have to figure out how we want to navigate. 

I love that our theme this month is Blossoming because to me it feels a bit revolutionary, in the best way, to choose to blossom in this storm. 

So last month Smudge hosted a Scream Session to celebrate our theme of opportunity.  We realized that we, probably like many of you, needed a space to release it all.  I am a cheerleader and spend a LOT of time lifting up so many people in the world around me. 


Smudge regularly reminds me to hold space and time for myself as well.  So we created that space in a session devoted to the healing practice of the cathartic scream. Led by therapist, yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, and founder of The School of Mom, Sarah Harmon, and moderated by Smudge Wellness CEO, Lara Corey it was an interactive hour. 

We talked about the importance of taking time for yourself to let it all out. As promised, there was conversation, a moment for self-compassion, and yes, screaming.  My experience had a little twist though because I had taken this virtual event into real life and it changed some things, quite beautifully, so we wanted to share it with yall.

a scream session strengthened bonds of friendships

For a couple of months now, on Sundays, we gather at Avi8ted House in DC to discuss personal, business, and professional development.  It has been a really beautiful experience that has often evolved so organically that I try not to miss the beautiful conversations that unfold. 

On this particular Sunday, we had a pretty packed house and folks expressed an interest in supporting the event (which I had planned to go to a side room and sign in and help facilitate and participate).  What happened instead was we decided to rearrange the schedule so that the scream session could be a center point and something everyone could participate in. 

I set up a couple of laptops around the room and connected the sound to the speakers and we were off.  It took a minute for everyone to kind of acclimate to the change but when I told them there would be screaming, they were all on board. 

And the universe seemed to cosign it with this beautiful sunset we all paused for.

a scream session strengthened bonds of friendships

Sarah led a wonderful meditation session after her conversation with Lara that included a gentle invitation to scream or release whatever felt right in the moment.  However Sarah didn’t scream and I could sense the hesitation in the group, especially as the session started to wind down. 

There was an energy and it wanted out so I stepped in, muted the video for a minute to let the wind-down continue, and said to the room, I know y’all have been waiting to scream so on the count of three we are going to let it all out.  As soon as my scream hit the air it was like permission had been granted and a chorus of screams rose to meet mine and with it, the energy in the room shifted. 

Once the session was over the whole room was different, lighter, and more at ease.  It wasn’t my first scream session which is why I was excited and on board for the much-needed moment of release and that is why it certainly won’t be my last. 

So shout out to Smudge for holding space for this session and shout out to the universe for allowing me to experience it with my tribe.