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by | Feb 9, 2022 | Crystals, Uncategorized | 0 comments

DID YOU KNOW crystals can help support your relationships?

From reducing anxiety to improving trust, there are often ways even our best relationships can become better with a little help from the mineral kingdom. 

Did you know certain crystals can help support your relationships? Not just for looking pretty, crystals emit certain energies that can improve upon areas of our lives that need some polishing up – and relationships are absolutely one of those areas. 

What a relief!

People often overlook the fact that healing stones can be used to improve friendships, partnerships, work relationships, marriages, and any other type of relationship you find yourself in. 

Questioning whether there’s a stone that can help you out? Keep reading for a roundup of the most commonly used crystals for improving and changing relationships for the better!

Decrease Relationship Anxiety

Sodalite. Also known as The Stone of Peace, Sodalite can bring calm, balanced energy into any relationship and soothe the anxiety that keeps you up at night. 

One of the best crystals for anxious partners, Sodalite promotes clear communication and allows you to say what you mean and mean what you say. Good communication skills are essential to any relationship, no matter the context, so this stone is perfect to keep with you when you feel your communication dwindling or becoming murky.

Communicating from a place of reactivity never got us anywhere, are we right? Introduce Sodalite into your life and watch your anxiety fall away and your ability to communicate calmly and clearly become front and center.

Amethyst. Amethyst is a stunning, calming crystal that reduces anxiety and worry by surrounding you with tranquil, peaceful energy. 

Spend time with this stone when you feel yourself getting wound up about an argument, misunderstanding, unanswered question, or any other occurrence that leaves you in a place of anxiousness.

Known for relieving anxiety and even for helping some to overcome anxiety attacks, Amethyst is a commonly used stone for relaxing the nervous system and finding balance.

Carrying an Amethyst stone with you in a pocket or purse, or wearing it in a piece of jewelry, is one of the best ways to keep its calming properties with you at all times. Another option is to place the crystal in a space you spend a lot of time with your partners in, such as your bedroom, office at work, or a common area you share with a roommate!

Improve Trust in a Relationship

Note: blue stones are especially helpful when it comes to building trust. Pick up one of these ocean-hued crystals to improve the feelings of trust and harmony in your relationships!

Blue Lace Agate. There’s a reason Blue Lace Agate is known as the Stone of Loyalty! This beautiful stone has long since been known to bolster trust and bridge emotional gaps in relationships where problems and misunderstandings may arise.

As you improve and strengthen your loyalty, you will also improve and strengthen your trust, as the two go hand-in-hand. You’ll find communication comes more easily and supporting each other becomes second nature when perhaps it took more work before.

That’s the beauty of this calming, soft blue stone: it promotes encouragement and support in a way that helps grow trust over time as you learn that you truly can depend on one another.

Blue Chalcedony. Known for improving emotional harmony, working with Blue Chalcedony will strengthen your relationships by growing your trust and improving your communication – something we can all use at times.

Also a great stone for boosting listening skills, you’ll find yourself feeling closer to your partner as you truly hear them – maybe for the first time ever! – and internalize their needs and desires.

This calming blue stone is perfect to use in conjunction with your daily meditation, focusing on building trust and healing your relationship. A crystal with powerful residual energy, you can also wear it in a piece of jewelry to keep that energy flowing.

Rejuvenate Your Friendships

Ametrine. This stunning stone, a luxe combination of sunny Citrine and calming Amethyst, is the crystal you want to keep close if your goal is strengthening your beloved friendships.

Ametrine attracts kind individuals and promotes soft, welcoming energy while helping you connect deeply with your soul tribe.

Connections like those Ametrine facilitates are ones some people only dream of, but working with Ametrine can make them a dream-come-true for you and your cherished friends. Going deep into the conversations and experiences that bind you, you’ll find your friendships level up and your bond grows in a way you never thought possible.

Strong relationships, whether they be friendships, partnerships, co-working relationships, or romantic relationships, thrive on clear communication, a strong sense of trust, and deep bonds. Crystals can be the perfect assistance for moving your relationships into this space of honor and harmony.

Whichever crystal you choose and for whichever reason, do your best to stay open-minded to the shifts and changes that will come for you and your relationship. 

Often, even when working on a relationship, you’ll find that a change will create the most shift in you personally, and it’s your growth that then causes your relationship to grow.

Being patient and allowing your crystal to integrate into your life, whether that be through meditation practice, a permanent space on your desk, or a place in your pocket throughout the day, is key to experiencing the changes its energy will bring you.

We love hearing which crystals you choose to work with, so reach out to us at @SmudgeWellness on Instagram and let us know your stone and your intention for it! We’re here to support you every step of the way.