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by | Mar 29, 2022 | Beyond, Rituals | 0 comments

The way you start the day sets the tone. I fully believe that I do what I can, the night before, to ensure my mornings start out calm and focused. I struggle with decision-making at the best of times and when given too many options, I freeze like a deer in the headlights. I realized many years ago that I suffer from decision fatigue and to combat that and open myself to the opportunity of the new day I have taken steps that remove my decisions — at least for the first couple of hours. I’ll share how to use affirmation decks to recognize & call forth opportunities.

I eat the same breakfast. I drink the same coffee. I sit in the same place and I have my ritual of pulling a card from one of the many affirmations and oracle decks I own. I may have gotten to the point where I have too many decks, but the images draw me in. I am either drawn to all or some of the designs. The feeling of the cards in my hands as I shuffle them and many other factors are what originally drove my purchase of the cards.

My favorite decks and I will explain them below, center, and ground me. I pull a card, look at the imagery and write down what those images conjure in my thoughts. How does the meaning of the card make me feel? I am self-taught in interpreting the meanings of tarot cards but have learned to trust my intuition and tell the story of the images on the card.

I pull a card from several of my decks, write the name of the card and the emotions it evoked, in my journal. At the end of the day, when I am writing down my gratitude for the day, I pull out my card meaning journal and re-read what I’ve written. I make notes on whether what the cards “predicted” occurred. If I am unclear as to the meaning of a card I will look it up.

When I am seeking a new opportunity I will talk with my cards and ask them for guidance.

  1. Does that opportunity sound too good to be true?
  2. Will that opportunity take me away from what I am currently doing? For better or for worse?
  3. Will the potential opportunity come at a cost? To my emotional health or the time, I spend with my family? If so, why would I pursue it?
  4. Even if I am not seeking an opportunity, the cards help me open up my mind and heart to what the new day brings.

How To Use Affirmation Decks To Recognize & Call Forth Opportunities

Here are my favorites and why:

Dark Mansion Tarot. The images evoke the feeling of Tim Burton movies that I love — The Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. The cards feel like velvet in my hands and shuffle with a soothing whoosh. The colors are muted and the images of the people on the cards feel as though they are truly reaching out to me. Of all the tarot decks I share my life with, this deck has become my almost daily go-to. On the rare occasion, I pull a card from a different deck, the lure of the Dark Mansion it calls me back and I yearn for it.

Oracle Lenormand. The Lenormand deck features images including hearts, dogs, letters, flowers, moons, suns, keys, a cross, an anchor, a book, a coffin and more. This is a 40-card deck and while these cards work “better” when you’re using at least three to tell the story, pulling one a day works as well. If, for example, I pull the Book card, its meaning is secret, wisdom, information and projects. If I were seeking a new opportunity this card could mean I am open to new information and potential new projects and could be perceived as a “good” card. If, however, I pulled the same Book card, then the Ring card and the Mountain. The meaning of that opportunity shifts. The Mountain indicates obstacles and challenges. The Ring means agreement, commitment and partnership.

Put all together, these cards tell the story that I have a potential opportunity that I have the wisdom to achieve as long as I garner as much information as I can. The Mountain though shows the opportunity is likely not going to be smooth sailing. The Ring, as the third part of the reading, appears to indicate the opportunity is within reach even though I may encounter challenges it will ultimately lead to a commitment. Whew! This is a long way to say, that if I am seeking an opportunity I need to be willing to overcome obstacles.

The first deck I purchased at Smudge was the Accurate AF Tarot deck. I love the muted colors of the deck but what really draws me back to them daily is the round shape. They fit in my hand, with no sharp edges to take me out of the moment when I shuffle. The gilt edge makes them glint in the light of the candle that flickers when I do my card pulls.

affirmation opportunity

What I like about this deck is that it features “traditional” tarot cards like Judgement or the Two of Swords. Each card, Judgement, for example, has the words “revelation” and “awakening.” The Two of Swords has the words, “indecision” and “avoidance.” This deck makes it easy for me as I learn the meanings of the cards and do readings for myself.

If I’d pulled the two cards I’d mentioned if I were looking for, or being approached about, an opportunity, the Judgement card would give me that “aha” moment and wake me up to the potential while the Two of Swords is giving me pause to either avoid the opportunity or to question myself as to why I am feeling indecisive. If I truly wanted that opportunity, wouldn’t I just jump at it?

When it comes to oracle cards I have been using the Crystallary Oracle for the past month. I love the brilliant colors and the images of the crystals on each card as well as the meaning tied to the card. I find myself using the Oracle card when I am looking for a “quick” answer. The opportunity — our theme this month — means if I pull the Precious Opal card, its meaning is Envision The Future. Intriguing thought when opening one’s self to something new.

I have two Lenormand decks. The second is the watercolor Tranquil Sea which features water images. There is a lighthouse, an anchor, fish, a key and more. The images are essentially the same as the Oracle Lenormand but the water images are soothing to my soul. I turn to this under the sea deck when I am feeling inner turmoil because the water itself calms and centers me. I also love that this deck is small — small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. They are ideal for when I travel.

The newest addition to my card collection is one I got from Smudge and it’s the deck of Titania’s Fortune Cards. I didn’t know, when I bought them, that they too were Lenormand cards. The images are similar to the other Lenormand decks but are a bit more subtle. The cards have the image but don’t have the words like the others do. I am still getting accustomed to this deck and so far haven’t formed a connection that draws me to them daily but I do spend time with them at least once a week. I lay out my Smudge crystals, do some slow and measured breathing and focus on the meanings of the cards as well as building my connection to the crystals I pulled for the day.

My ritual for starting my day and opening myself to its potential is to draw at least one tarot card, a crystal from my Smudge carrying case and a Lenormand or an Oracle card. I know that listening to the universe when I am seeking an opportunity or when I am not even consciously seeking one will open my heart and mind to what might be knocking on the door.