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by | Jan 6, 2022 | Astrology | 0 comments

Aligning yourself with the stars and the planets is a key element of aligning yourself with nature and the universe. Whether we follow the moon and celestial bodies or not, they will always be there and have a prominent effect on our lives. This is why I am always perplexed when people say that they don’t believe in astrology. That is basically saying you don’t believe in space. Astrologer Deariesha Mack says that “Stating one does not believe in Astrology is like saying that one does not believe in water. Whether you believe in water or not, it still exists and it will get you wet” (2020, p. 6-7). 

Getting in tune with the cosmos allows you to align your energy with the energy of the earth, the moon, our solar system, and the universe. It is a science that aligns you with the naturality of life and the energies that it flows with. 

There are many simple ways you can integrate astrology and the stars into your life. From planners to astrological apps. 

  1. Add Astrology to Your Phone Home Screen

I use the app “Widgetsmith” to add a moon phase chart, a chart of the sun’s position in the sky, and a compass map of the stars on the homepage of my phone. This is a great introduction, every morning when I open my phone, to the planetary energy of the day. 

  1. Check the Moon Sign and Current Chart for the Day 

“TimePassages” is a phenomenal astrology app that allows you to keep track of the planetary energy for each day. In addition, you can compare the current chart to your natal chart and understand how the current planetary energy can affect you.  

  1. Moon Planner

My moon planner is my best friend. Yes, I’m a Virgo stellium. The Magic of I planner acts as your typical schedule planner but has the moon phases, planetary aspects, full moon, and new moon manifestation, yearly intention setting, and more. 

  1. See the Planets in the Sky in Real-Time

The Skyview app is a virtual map of the planets in the sky and parts of our solar system that are visible from the earth. You can track the location of planets, stars, satellites, and other objects that are visible from the earth, without a telescope. The paid version is worth the upgrade!

  1. Use Crystals to Connect to the Planets

Each crystal coincides with a zodiac sign, which is especially helpful when working with the energy of the moon. When a certain sign or planetary energies are present in the sky, you can use crystals to help you connect to their energies. 

  1. Get a Horoscrope for Your Sun and Rising Sign

Have you ever gotten a horoscope in the form of a text? Well, the Sanctuary app does just that. You enter your birth data and get a daily horoscope tailored to your natal chart and the current planetary energy, and a daily tarot card. 

  1. Track the Planetary Hours and Days

The app Time Nomad allows you to add widgets to your phone screen that help you align your energy with the planetary hours and days. Each planet coincides with hours of the day and days of the week. Also included in the photo, are some great astrology/spiritual apps. 

What ways do you find more effective to connect with astrology?