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i’m not a regular mom. i’m a rockstar mom. famous moms as crystals.

by | May 6, 2020 | Crystals, Trends | 0 comments

As we approach Mother’s Day and celebrate our exclusive Mom — You’re a Rockstar Mother’s Day box of crystals, we thought we would engage in a little thought exercise called What If Celebrities Moms Were Crystals. There’s still time to order yours for the rockstar mom in your life!


The Curious One — sodalite trusts its gut, helping those needing a boost to their self-trust and confidence. Need a reminder you are a badass? Sodalite’s your stone.

Sodalite as a Celebrity MomSerena Williams 

GOAT, whether on the tennis court, on the red carpet, or at home killing it with daughter, Olympia, always exploring and trying new things

  • Tagline: Dig deep within yourself and the sky is the limit

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