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Today we welcome to the world our first children’s product, Smudgeables! 

Smudgeables is a power plush squad designed to harness the healing power of crystals, teaching kids that within each of their hearts is the unique and one-of-a-kind energy they need to live the bold and beautiful life they deserve. Every Smudgeable represents a different power that kids need to help navigate life’s twists and turns. Each comes with a small tumbled crystal that fits within a heart-shaped pocket to remind kids of the special magic they have inside of them and a “power poem” that shares the Smudgeable’s energy arc.

Smudgeables are a true passion project for Luigi and me, the co-founders of Smudge. We witnessed firsthand how much kids loved the healing magic of crystals and connected with their ability to serve not only as an energy boost, but as a tangible reminder to them of their own power when they are dealing with real-world issues such as fear, anxiety, or tricky communication issues. We also knew from our experiences the emotion of feeling different and the desire to express yourself authentically. Uniting crystals with plush animals (Luigi was a Beanie Babies superfan as a child!) seemed like a natural way to tell an affirming, celebratory story to kids of personal empowerment, self-compassion, and inner confidence.

Our first Smudegable is Teagan (they/them), celebrating Courage and the extraordinary kids seeking an extra boost of it. Teagan comes with a Tiger’s Eye, a crystal that helps summon bravery, determination, and focus. Teagan’s mantra is Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Yourself!

Teagan the Tiger is inspired by a real-life Teagan, my very special ten-year-old. IRL Teagan worked with Luigi and me, alongside our fabulous illustrator Andrea Campos, to bring our vision to life. IRL Teagan helped design – and provided many, many opinions – Tiger Teagan and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished product. It’s the kind of toy that Luigi and I wish we had as kids: a cuddable buddy who helped us remember every day that we are loved, we are powerful, and we are more than enough just as we are.

Every Smudgeable will share with kids a unique journey that we hope resonates with kids looking for support with their own. Teagan (both IRL and in Smudgeable form) has their fears, but uses spiritual wellness rituals such as meditation, intention-setting, and journaling to help conquer them so they can explore what life has to offer and fully express themselves. Teagan also identifies as non-binary, which we hopes gives children all along the gender identity spectrum the confidence to love this part of themselves and gives them a community in which they can shine.

Teagan the Tiger can be purchased on both the Smudge Wellness and Smudgeables website. We’ll also be providing kids lots of kid-focused and kid-friendly education, guidance, and entertainment so they can start building their own wellness practices, available on our YouTube channel and on TikTok. Follow us on Instagram, too, for information on Teagan and product updates  – including the latest Smudgeable releases!

About Smudge Wellness

Launched in 2018 by co-founders and best friends, Lara Corey (she/her) and Luigi Aldon (he/him; they/them), Smudge is a California-based spiritual wellness lifestyle brand. AAPI, Queer, and female-owned.

Smudge offers a curated collection of crystals and mystical self-care alongside relatable guidance on topics including astrology, tarot, rituals, and manifestation brought to you by a team of diverse and talented creators.

The name Smudge conjures the often messy, the always unique, and the forever beauty of creating a personal spiritual wellness practice.