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by | Dec 16, 2021 | Beyond, The Dirt | 0 comments

I have been getting a lot of inquiries from loved ones on how I will be spending my New Years Eve and after my recent trip to NYC for our Smudge Wellness Pop Up, I finally know exactly what I will be doing. 

Sidenote, Smudge had a sexy little holiday pop-up at Popup florist in East Village, you can see cute pictures on our Instagram – and make sure you follow so you know where Smudge will pop up next. 

So as for NYE, I will be spending the evening in reflection and celebration and one of the activities I plan to do is some celebration journaling focusing on the past year. I have been feeling called to do more journaling and as usual, I kind of ignored it at first cause I was busy, I already had writing to do, excuses, excuses.  So of course the calling intensified.  While doing a little browsing for myself, I got to see the Sacra Soul Intention Deck in person and it was really speaking to me.  Also, I believe that there are many beautiful ways for a deck to come to you, and sometimes that might look like investing in yourself and buying the one you love. 

So why am I talking about this deck in this journaling post?  Well, I think this deck is a perfect tool for me to use in combination with my journal.  We are all creatives but sometimes we need a little nudge to get into the flow.  That’s where these beautiful sacra cards come in but you can use whatever nudge speaks to you!

Start with Creating A Space and a Vibe

Set the mood.  Maybe you already have a spiritual space set up for moments like this or maybe you are spending the evening in your living room, wherever you decide to do this activity, you want to create a warm and welcoming space that speaks to you.  Do you love candles and incense? Bring out your favorite scents.  Clean up the space so that the energy is flowing in the space and the clutter doesn’t distract you.  Make a fun playlist of your favorite tunes from the last year (some of them will even do this for you or you can use Das’ celebration playlist for your tunes).  

Set Your Intention

For me, my intention will be gratitude and celebration but maybe there is a different intention that speaks to you and the year that you have had.  Once your space is set up, sit in the stillness, maybe do a brief meditation to quiet your mind and turn inward, and set your intention for your time of reflection.  

Introduce Your Nudge

The reason that I selected this deck is that each card has 3 soul intentions set around a theme for you to reflect, meditate and journal on.  So for this activity, I pulled three Sacra Cards that I think to speak beautifully for me in this exercise.  

My Past Card: To reflect on the past year I pulled the Create-ing-ed and I’m going to frame these in the past tense to reflect back.

Create – What have you created this year that you liked/loved?

Creating – What was blocking you from creating the life and experiences that you aspire?

Created – What have you created recently?

My Present Card: To reflect on what I am at right now, I pulled the dream-ing-ed and am going to keep these in the present.

Dream – What is your greatest dream?

Dreaming – What is limiting you from dreaming?

Dreamed – What have you dreamed into reality? 

My Future Card: To focus on the future, I pulled the dare-ing-ed card and I’m going to frame it in the future.

Dare – What will you dare to do?

Daring – What is holding you back from daring greatly?

Dared – What have you dared before?

I really love these questions for me to reflect and celebrate and hopefully align as good prompts for you to celebrate with as well.  If these particular questions don’t resonate with you, I would recommend getting a different tool to serve as your prompt for celebration.  We have lots of wonderful decks to choose from at  Head on over to our IG Page to tell us which deck you will be celebrating 2021 with.