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Want to give a great gift but not really sure where to start?? Have a lot of different gifts to give and don’t want to repeat the same thing? Or maybe you do and just need one good great idea.  Let us be your guide to giving Spiritual Wellness to friends, family, and coworkers this holiday season.  Here are some last-minute gift ideas for the holiday season!  

10 days of magical care

10 Days of Magical Self-Care (3rd Ed) by Smudge Wellness- Even the Betches love 10 days of Magical Self-Care (Check it out, they wrote about us in this Betches gift guide for each sign).  This is a great gift to give yourself or anyone in your life that needs some loving.  We all hear about Self Care all the time but often aren’t sure where to start.  Let Smudge be your guide with this 10 days kit for Magical Self Care.  

Flux Tincture by Jae and Leona Beauty Collective – Flux is a spiritual tincture to help you move through heaviness and uncertainty. The infused herbs and prayers were meant to be a support portal as you process big changes in your life. Flux is your ally as you dive further into what may feel like an unknown or chaotic future graced with the promise of freedom, clarity and ease. Gift someone you care about some spiritual relief.

Key to Spiritual Wellness by Smudge Wellness – Did someone just move, or buy a house? This is your key to giving the best gift because it’s both useful and energizing.  Use it for a dope stocking stuffer for someone who just got their first car or for a gift exchange party.  Let this be your gift this year to remind your friends that you have a connection that remains tight on-the-go.

Vegan Wellness Gelées by Brown Girl Jane – Want to give your friend a dose of calm while also respecting their vegan lifestyle? Then this is the treat for you.  These vegan gelées transform from sweet to herbal, combining the natural flavors of fresh fruit and botanicals. Layered and delicious, these are a tasty dose of CBD without any high or intoxication.  Portable and discrete, these make a great stocking stuffer for someone special in your life.

Cosmic Cocktail Kit – Infuse your next cocktail hour with some extra crystal power with this Smudge and GlassTats collaboration.  As people start to gather again, this makes a wonderful git for the guest who never wants to show up empty-handed but isn’t sure exactly what to bring.  This gift is fun, useful and a great conversation starter.

Standard Dose Tincture by Standard Dose – It’s been a long season for folks and as we get back into the swing of things, folks have some understandable anxiety.  This formula adapts to your body’s unique chemistry to help reduce inflammation and pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and elevate your daily wellness routine.   It’s both odorless and tasteless so a great option for someone who wishes to be discreet.

A La Carte You can never go wrong picking the crystal that calls to you to send to a friend.  With crystals of all shapes and sizes, you can order stocking stuffers to centerpieces.  If you are unsure, think about what the person you are giving the crystal to needs.  Do they need protection, healing or calm? Check out the crystal descriptions to determine which crystal will best match your intentions.  Pick an individual crystal, send it with a specific intention for the recipient and show them that you appreciate them and care about them.

Gua Sha Duo By Pink Moon – We all have friends who want to keep their faces youthful and bright.  This little self-care duo is a great way to help them achieve this goal.  The rich Chinese tradition of Gua Sha can become a welcomed ritual of self-love in their life thanks to this little gift from you.

Tarot/Intention Decks – We have a sizable collection of decks and they make a great gift for somebody you know who might be going on a journey of self-exploration or is trying to hone their power of intuition.   One of my favorites to get people started is the Actually Curious Deck.  It’s great to bust out at a holiday party with good friends.  It leads to some dope and authentic conversations that everyone gets to enjoy.

Perifit – If you have a friend who’s into gaming and has lady bits, then this is a great stocking stuffer.  Designed to gamify working out, this little device can help improve your health in many entertaining ways.  A recent article talked about how teaching pelvic floor exercises early in life can help ward off a lot of problems later.  Help a friend get a jump start on their sexual wellness.