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At this point, we all should know our natal chart pretty comfortably. Even if we don’t know EVERYTHING we have a pretty good grasp on our placements, how they influence our day-to-day life, and how they have shaped our identity. But what about our friends’ charts, or our family members? How much of their cosmic identity do we understand, and do we fully appreciate the importance of being able to have knowledge on their charts? It’s time we start making the shift from reading ourselves to reading our loved ones.

Knowing the natal chart of your loved ones can help you better understand how they might react to certain news, what they value, why they might be closed off, and so much more. I’ve created a little guide of the main planets that I think you should be looking at in your loved ones’ charts to better understand them, but also be able to better provide them support.

  1. The Sun – known by most this placement is the core energy of someone’s chart. By understanding what Sun sign someone is, you are able to understand the root of who they are. The Sun gives us great insights into at the end of the day – what is this individual’s soul purpose & what are they energetically going to fall back on.
  2. The Moon – the moon in someone’s chart is imperative to know their emotional responses. Are they a fire moon so will they react impulsively? Are they a water moon who might take things personally? Are they an earth or air moon who might over analyze every action? This is probably the most important placement to know in your loved ones charts because it shows why they react the way they do, why they emote the way they do, and how you can be a better source of security and understanding for them.
  3. Mercury – at the core of all relationships is communication and knowing Mercury will allow you to know how your loved ones communicate. Being able to understand how someone interprets information, as well as relays information, is so beneficial for being able to navigate conflicts, give advice, and be an active listener. 
  4. Venus – have you ever wondered what is the perfect gift to get someone? Or what will just make them smile? Look at their Venus placement. This is the planet of simple pleasures so by understanding Venus in your loved ones chart you are going to be able to know how to lift them up the best. You will be a better gift giver & spend time with them more beneficially. 
  5. Mars – now this is a wonderful placement to know how someone will act when they get feisty. In the bedroom & on the streets. Mars – being the planet of action & aggression – in tandem with the Moon, will show you how your loved ones might react when they are the most aggravated or upset. The combination between the two is really important to know how long it might take them to steam off, if they are going to seek revenge or if they are going to be approaching the situation with a level head.

By looking at these planets in your friends’ & family members’ charts you will be able to uplift those relationships better, understand where they are coming from, be a better communicator, and potentially mend broken relationships. Start taking time to read your loved ones, but make sure they know to read you too! Reading is fundamental and the basis of any good relationship.