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by | Jan 27, 2022 | Manifestation, Rituals | 0 comments

Manifestation: The art of birthing what we envision in our minds into our physical reality. It can be as simple as craving a croissant and coincidentally having a coworker offer an extra one they brought for breakfast, fantasizing about the perfect partner, and meeting someone with every single attribute a month later.

It takes a ton of inner work: pouring into your self-worth, rewriting old narratives, and releasing every limiting belief blocking you from believing that you’re deserving of your manifestation. But once you get through the decay of your old self and all that shadow work, it’s time to have fun and put in your orders with your cosmic waitress!

Here are three manifestation rituals that will help you get groovy in your magic and call in all the gorgeous gifts the universe has to offer!

Ritual One: Scripting
This is perhaps the simplest manifestation ritual, yet the most effective if done correctly! Our words are spells, and when we use our words to create the lives that we desire, we’re simply unstoppable. Scripting is the act of automatic writing on what a day in the life of you to your fullest potential looks like. When thoughts and rationality begin to seep in, quiet them and allow the words to flow from your subconscious. Write out what your emotions, sensations, physical appearance, habits // daily practices, surrounding company, and professional // creative outlets will look and feel like. Flow with your stream of consciousness and don’t allow fear to be a blockage! The key to the potency of this ritual is making sure that it’s FUN and that you’re connecting with the emotions behind what you’re calling in. Feel what it feels like to be standing in the reality that you’re writing out for yourself. The excitement, the relief, the pride you’ll have in yourself, the effortless joy. Connecting with the emotion behind the thing will align you with the frequency needed to vibrationally match the timeline you’re calling in and bring it into your physical reality the MOST quickly! So pull out your glitter pens, burn incense, hit play on your manifesting playlist, and get scripting.

Ritual Two: Candle Magic
Whether you buy them your local bodega or order them online from a mystic business, using candles to aid in your manifestation is a tradition that can be traced quite far back into your ancestral lineage. Set up an altar or dedicated sacred space to light your candles and set your manifestation intention. You can clear this space using smudging tools and amplify it’s potency using crystals! Aligning the color candle or saint with the specific thing you’re manifesting provides an added layer of intentionality, as color healing and ancestral work will only fuel your work. These candles are a conduit of connection, as well as a physical reminder of your manifestation coming into fruition every time you walk by it! Make sure to call in your ascended guides and elevated ancestors to be part of this ritual with you beforehand, and then meditate on // pray out what you’re manifesting into your reality while lighting your candles. As it slow burns over time, let that serve as a reminder that there is no need to rush the universe nor fuel our manifestations with impatience. There is nothing more perfectly perfected than divine timing!

Ritual Three: Working w/ the Elements
For this ritual, you’ll need a plant, a journal, five small crystals, and of course, a lighter // water! When we work with the elements, we’re enlisting Pachamama as our partner, and it doesn’t get much more powerful than that. What you’ll first do is journal out your feelings, your desires, what you’re no longer desiring in your physical reality, and what you’re instead replacing it with. From there, you’ll extract five words // phrases that represent what you’re shedding, and five words // phrases that represent what you’re planting. For guidance, you can use these categories to theme each intention: Love, Career, Health, Spirituality, and Self. Keep in mind, what you’re releasing and calling in can be people, habits, jobs, environments, and even mindsets. Once you have written down what you’re releasing, it’s time to burn (safely and responsibly, of course!) As you watch it burn and visualize each thing dissipating from your life, release it with gratitude for every lesson it taught you, the emotion it deepened you with, and the strength it gifted you. Now, it’s time for manifestation! Take your five crystals, gems, or seashells, and infuse each one with your intended manifestation. You can do this by meditating, holding each individual one to your heart, and visualizing what life will look like with your manifestation with gratitude. Sit with the feeling of what you’re calling in for a moment before moving on to the next. When you’re all done, dig each stone into your plant and water the soil, knowing that you’re nourishing your manifestations. As you nurture and care for this plant throughout time, mirror the choices you make daily and the inner dialogue you have as the water nourishes your manifestations as well.