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by | Mar 9, 2022 | Astrology | 0 comments

MARCH HOROSCOPE 2022 – SMUDGE WELLNESS Chickadeeeez — Cole’s here with your general horoscope for March and girl oh girl, is there a lot going on!

This month is filled with Piscean and Aquarian energy, the perfect environment for dreaming (day and night), and using your dreams, aspirations, and creativity to manifest that sh*t.

Check out all the transits happening below and don’t forget to stick around for your sign by sign reading (chapters below!).

Be sure to snag your reading for your sun, moon, and rising sign.

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Video Chapters:

0:00 Intro

1:12 New Moon Sextile Uranus

1:40 Mars and Venus in Aquarius

2:23 Mercury Moves into Pisces

3:00 Full Moon In Virgo

3:45 Aries Szn

4:32 Mercury in Aries

5:35 Mercury interactions

6:36 Sign by sign readings

6:45 Aries

7:09 Taurus

7:45 Gemini

8:20 Cancer

8:45 Leo

9:07 Virgo

9:30 Libra

10:03 Scorpio

10:24 Sagittarius

11:00 Capricorn

11:46 Aquarius

12:20 Pisces