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by | Dec 24, 2021 | Manifestation, The Dirt | 0 comments

Here we are, approaching the end of the year feeling all the feels, I’m sure.  Looking back, did things go the way you expected them to. Were you hopeful, coming out of 2020, that 2021 would be different somehow; with so many expectations of freedom, travel, and getting back to “normal”.  Or maybe you slid into January with delicate hesitancy, nervous that any glimmer of hope would be snatched away — and so the last thing you wanted was to be caught off guard like you were the year before.

My natural barometer is set to optimism if I’m being completely honest. Therefore, while things may not have worked out exactly how I had planned, my initial feelings are – DOES IT EVER?!! My hope is that we can move into the next year feeling empowered and inspired to create the circumstances we’ve been waiting for.

My dream is that every single one of us can move into the new year unafraid to dream big, trusting that whatever happens (or doesn’t) will be for our highest good.  Because we are never moving backward and life never ever goes the way we think it does. Sometimes we get what we want, oftentimes we get what we need, which is exactly what or how you are going to create empowering intentions to manifest for 2022. 

We got rid of resolutions a long time ago – this year is about setting intentions and attracting with ease and flow…  

Let’s start with some reflection:  Think about the current year. Ask yourself these questions:

1 | What surprised me the most about this year (what happened that you weren’t expecting, good or bad).  Be non-judgmental about it and just allow the year to unfold for you.

2 | How did I surprise myself this year?  (Maybe you quit smoking after 2 decades, maybe you healed heartbreak and started to love again, or you quit a job/started a new one that you never thought you could) 

3 | What was my biggest fear this year and how do I feel about it now?

4 | What am I leaving in 2021 and what am I taking into 2022 (leaving behind doubt, procrastination, overthinking — bringing with you inner strength, connection to source, peace & calm, etc)

Then we are going to project: 

1 | What am I calling in for 2022  (this could be more joy, free time, love, better health, money, literally anything).  

  • Calling in takes us out of the mindset that we have to FORCE something to happen, which is why resolutions are a thing of the past. Calling in is an ATTRACTIVE energy – giving you space to create from energy.

2 | How will receive the above make me feel (try to narrow it down to 1-3 emotions)

Then create a declarative statement that will embody your intention for 2022 (using the emotions you came up with from the previous questions) :

Example 1:   I intend on making 2022 the year I experience more happiness, freedom, and connection

Example 2: 2022 will be the year I live fully aligned with love and authenticity

Example 3: I am calling in experiences that will bring me more adventure, grounding, and possibilities for 2022.

Write your statement(s) down in a few places — on sticky notes, random pages of your new journal, on a vision board — so that you are reminded of your intention and declaration throughout the year. 

Use your statement as a guide whenever you have to make decisions or feel stuck. Ask yourself, is the action I’m about to take or the information I’m receiving supporting my vision or holding me back? You get to choose from there.

2022 is sure to be expansive for everyone, that doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps along the way. By focusing your intention you stay in the driver’s seat. Maybe your intention this coming year is to just allow more, worry less, and experience everything that comes your way with a beginner mindset. Open to it all.