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Preparing for a Purposeful Life Post-Quarantine — thank u, next

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Beyond, Rituals, Trends | 0 comments

As we enter the uncertain phase of a life after quarantine, Luigi and I are sharing a series of intention-setting and visualization strategies, along with the products and tools we think might be helpful as you navigate what this means for your job, your relationships, and your world. (Here’s our final installment. (Here are the first and second if you missed them!)

Before we begin the messy process of picking up the pieces left in the wake of an international lockdown, let’s wrap our heads around and appreciate what months of quarantine were meant to do: get us through this virus. Quite literally, staying at home and forcing us to deal with the relative inconveniences of finding toilet paper and making our own bread were designed to keep us alive. And while it wasn’t without its significant toll, in both financial and human terms, it mostly did what it was supposed to do. We made it. 

So let’s end this surreal chapter of our lives, in whatever modified path it takes us, with an appreciation exercise. Pause for a thank u, so we can move on from a place of gratitude, to the next.

Who Was On Your Quarateam?

Show me a person who hasn’t practiced what they would say if they won an Academy Award, and I’ll show you a liar. I’m the person least likely to ever win one (is there an award for that?!?), but the fascination we have with that moment is the unique chance to say thank you to the specific people who are responsible for getting them to that moment of glory. Here’s your opportunity! Kinda.

  • Get in the right mindset —

As with most Smudge rituals, we encourage taking a few minutes to set the scene for maximum mindfulness. For this exercise, we want the mental juices flowing rather than settling down, so we recommend starting with an activity that helps focus instead of calm. Go for a run, take a shower, do some yoga. Before the activity, ask yourself this: who are the people that got me through quarantine? Even if you aren’t actively trying to answer that question during your activity, your mind and body will be prepping you for when you are ready. The best crystals to help you for this? Try amethyst, the stone of abundance and gratitude, smokey quartz, the stone of grounding and release, or sodalite, the stone of self-expression and intuition. 

  • Make your list —

Now primed and ready, write down your list of the individuals who made a difference in your life over the last few months. If it feels overwhelming, give yourself a reasonable number cap. On my list? A few fitness instructors who have kept my mind and body (relatively) in tact, the manager of our local grocery store who jumped in right away to establish rules to make getting our food safe, and my children’s teachers who scramble every day to keep them learning while my husband and I can still do my job. And tbh, I don’t know if I would have made it through without Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia on repeat. 

  • Get specific — 

Be as detailed as you can about what each person did to get you through this time. One of my daughter’s teachers has a habit of getting on a table to dance and continued that during zoom calls as a reminder that not everything is different and that it’s okay to still laugh and have fun. I am so grateful that she did that for my child, who tends to absorb a lot of anxiety when her routine is disrupted (which by the way, SAME). Taking time to really think through the why of gratitude is important — it conjures the positive energy that they created for you, and sustains it within you so that you can channel it towards other people. And if there is one thing that I know 100%: we could really use all the positive energy spinning around we can get right now. 

  • Write and send your notes — 

While it’s nice to think about how grateful we are, it’s even better if we express it directly to the person who is responsible for it. This week, I wrote thank you cards to each of the people on my list. I’m going old school, because okay boomer, but you can also do this by sending an email, a thoughtful text, instagram post, or even IRL from a safe distance. It may seem like a simple gesture that we can take for granted, but the people making a difference in your life will love knowing they have been part of your team these last few months. 

  • Bonus: write one to yourself — 

We love when self-care and gratitude collide — and this is the perfect opportunity to look inward and remind yourself of all the things you brought to the table that made you an MVP. For my part, I am grateful that I was able to remain calm, give extra back-scratching sessions to my kids at bedtime to keep them relaxed, and serve as a champion multi-tasker. I’m not expecting to receive my Oscar anytime soon for these things, but if it means I at least get to think about a time in the future that involves wearing a fancy dress, I’m all in. And whatevs, I don’t need to give my thank you speech anyway. I already did.  

The Gratitude Toolkit

We think all of our products make awesome thank you gifts, but in addition to our crystal points (mentioned above), here are a few of our favorite items if you want to focus on gratitude, abundance, and love:

  • 100% That Witch Starter Set — LOVE: for the novice mystic who you want to send an extra dose of love, this is a great all-around intro to spiritual wellness.
  • The Universal Spell — available in two sizes, our universal size is customized based on the intentions you set for the recipient. Tell us about who you are sending this to and we’ll make sure it’s the perfect way to share your gratitude. 
  • Love in the Palm of Your Hands — the cutest way to say thanks and give the energy moving on, our rose quartz duo of palm stones are intended to be shared: one for the recipient, and one for somebody else. 

One more thing we are forever grateful for? YOU. Luigi and I could not have managed the last few months without the continued support and love of our Smudge community. Thank you for your magical notes to one another, your engagement with our blog and Instagram, and for being the best coven of witches ever. 

All of the love,

Team Smudge