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Profiles of Power is a series of deep dives into the lives of individuals who we believe embody various energies. These badass ambassadors of a new version of spiritual wellness prove, beautifully and magically, that wellness is not one-size-fits-all, but is available and accessible to everybody who dares to harness their own one-of-a-kind strength.

Meet Jazmin Kylene – spiritual counselor and journalist, and creator of Lali La Luna, a sacred space to connect, express, and feel seen in a conscious manner. You’ve seen her beautiful face popping up on your Smudge Youtube as well as on the blog! She also does detailed chart readings, one-on-one/group healing sessions, and interviews that explore what we’re all experiencing and simply not talking about. She’s the one you call when you want a mirror to your own magic. Jazmin shared some more of her magic with us for a Profile of Power and we are so excited to share it with all of you!

Smudge: What does your power mean to you?
Jazmin: My power is courage! And it resonates with me deeply because I truly believe that courage takes shape in whatever form you decide it to. From embarking on a solo adventure to being honest and vulnerable, I’ve committed to abiding by bravery and courage my entire life.

Smudge: What is a personal story about you summoning your power?
Jazmin: Oooo giiirrrrlllll hahaha. Over the pandemic I joined a digital group for women seeking spiritual healing called Goddess Council where we would journal and do all of these incredible workshops together. I think because of my past experiences with rejection, I naturally thought I’d have to conform my identity to fit whatever I assumed they’d like best of me, but through a lot of vulnerable journaling together, I decided to start showing up as my full self. My very child-like, free self that I once thought I had to shrink, I instead courageously expanded and through that, ended up making friendships and connections I’ll have for a lifetime. There’s nothing more powerful than honoring and choosing your authenticity.

Smudge: How do you use spiritual wellness in your everyday life to amplify your power?
Jazmin: My spiritual upkeep is ultimately what has kept me sane! It’s through this journey that I was able to build such an intimacy with the Divine and see myself through God’s lens, which reminded me that I’m only a reflection of that magic and any part of me that I demonize is still part of that magic and is only asking to be integrated. Through meditation, crystal healing, journaling, and every other tool in my spiritual resources, I’ve truly committed to living a life of the highest vibration.

Smudge: How do you promote diversity in wellness and avoid spiritual bypass?
Jazmin: This is such an important question, thank you for asking it! I think through spirituality becoming to some degree mainstream, a lot of these ancient practices have become diluted in order to be digestible and thus stripped away from their black, brown, and native roots. I love to first and foremost simply acknowledge that because I think the reminder alone is incredibly important. I also love to center BIPOC voices when it comes to who I collaborate and work with, and I definitely don’t subscribe to the whole “stay positive and of love and light 24/7” narrative. I think that erases internalized/ancestral/systemized trauma that we’re inevitably living in and completely bypasses accountability, truth, and ultimately, healing.

Smudge: What are a few of your favorite wellness products?
Jazmin: Ah, there’s so many! For starters, crystal healing was truly my introduction into this world, so my green aventurine is forever my go-to for heart healing and calling in abundance for myself! I also love my gua sha, reiki-infused Florida Water, and my BED! hahaha

Smudge: What are you working on and where can people find you?
Jazmin: If you ever want to work with me one-on-one, you can do so by visiting my Instagram – @JazminKylene or website – I also make YouTube videos, reiki infused color healing tees, and host a ton of workshops, which you can all find on my social media as well 🙂