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by | Dec 14, 2021 | Astrology, The Dirt | 0 comments

As we are approaching the end of 2021, we can begin anticipating what we want to bring into 2022. What energy are we trying to manifest? What energy are we trying to leave behind? Are there any changes we wish to see in our lives? What is our resolution for the new year? Sure — resolutions rarely stick, but that’s probably because you’ve never made a resolution tailored to your natal chart. Below you’re able to find a little bit of guidance on what your resolution could be, based on your rising sign.

Aries Rising

– Spiritual growth & subconscious listening — Aries risings, you are given a lovely opportunity with Jupiter & Neptune making a close connection in your 12th house (subconscious and spirituality) to shift your focus towards growing your spiritual practice and listening to your intuition. 12th House transits can be intense, however, they want us to retreat in order to learn what our subconscious is asking of us.

Taurus Rising

– Self-dependence — Taurus risings because the North Node is shifting into Taurus & your 1st House (identity) you are able to begin focusing on being the driver of your own destiny. Finding ways to be less reliant on the feedback or influence of others and standing on your own two feet is something you’ll be called to do.

Gemini Rising

– Karmic cleansing — Gemini risings, with the transit of the North Node through your 12th House, which rules all things subconscious, spiritual, and privacy, you are going to have a moment to retreat into yourself. This won’t happen all year, but the North Node brings karmic changes so by shifting your focus into a deeper connection with the internal as opposed to the external, you will help yourself cleanse what is holding you back. Expect big spiritual realizations over 2022.

Cancer Rising

– Creative expression & inner child work — Cancer risings you get a double whammy with the South Node (karmic past) diving into your 5th house of creativity, and Jupiter (expansion and optimism) diving into your 9th house of growth, exploration, and wisdom. Use this energy to focus on releasing your inner child and finding ways to bring past visions of creativity into the present.

Leo Rising

– Career ambition — Your time has finally come Leo risings, you’re able to start putting a lot of effort into shaping the professional life you want. The North Node (karmic destiny) is moving through your 10th House (career & social reputation) so use this energy to be the driving force in what you want. Take back control of your path and where you are headed.

Virgo Rising

– Expanding relationships — Virgo Risings you’ve had a big past 2 years with your career, but now you’re able to focus on rekindling and fostering stronger relationships in your life. Jupiter moves through Pisces, the ruler of your 7th House of relationships, so focus less on how to get that promotion and more on how to spend more time with people you love.

Libra Rising

– Freshen it Up — Libra Risings the planet Jupiter (growth and expansion) is moving through your 6th House (routines and day-to-day life) so you should resolve to freshen up your routine. Add new hobbies to your life, give yourself more free time, prioritize self-care and balance your schedule.

Scorpio Rising

– Fostering & Prioritizing Relationships — Scorpio risings with the North Node (karmic destiny) moving through your 7th House (relationships) you are being called to prioritize and nurture the relationships that are helping you reach your destiny. This may mean you need to foster new relationships, let old ones come to a close, or invest time in areas you’ve neglected but focusing on your connections is important.

Sagittarius Rising

– The Homestead — Sagittarius risings Jupiter (the planet of growth) is moving through your 4th House (home and security) so you are able to find a new sense of what home means. Possibly it’s time for you to move to a new city, or redecorate, or spend more time with people enjoying your space, or even just spending more time investing growth in your home. Whatever makes you feel like you’re “home” is what you need to prioritize. 

Capricorn Rising

– Socialize but prioritize — Capricorn Risings Jupiter (growth and expansion) moves through your 3rd house (communication) at the same time the South Node (karmic past) moves through your 11th house (society). This is a time for you to prioritize how you are socializing. If you feel less drawn to certain friends that’s okay. Put in the effort you are getting back.

Aquarius Rising

– Security & Safety — Aquarius risings with Jupiter moving through your 2nd house (material goods and values) and the North Node moving through your 4th house (home and security) you should focus on better prioritizing what you value and why it makes you feel secure. Yes, these transits can bring a lot of positive change in your material world but make sure your material possessions are connected what you need on a spiritual level.

Pisces Rising 

– Being You — Jupiter (growth expansion and freedom) moves through your 1st House (identity) Pisces Risings. You are being called to focus on how to redefine who you are and explore all things true and authentic to yourself. Push yourself to prioritize yourself.