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by | Dec 27, 2021 | Manifestation, The Dirt | 0 comments

New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that in my mind I refer to as mandatory fun.  There was something about the day that felt forced, especially when I was in my 20s.  When you go out on NYE, Everything is more crowded, more expensive, louder and everyone is required to attend.  When I entered my 30s, I gave myself more permission to choose my own adventure.  So for the past few years, I have forged my own New Year’s Eve traditions that are more about me and the energy I want to enter the New Year with and I wanted to share some of those with you. 

Here are some dope ways to enter 2022 and make sure that whatever you do, it is exactly what YOU want to be doing.  Pick the energy you want to walk into 2022 with.

Stay In and Purge – Not purge like the movie, not calling for any violence people!! I’m talking about staying home and cleaning.  It might sound lame but don’t knock it until you try it.  There is something magical about entering the new year with a fresh clean space that’s ready for anything.  Cleaning up your space can also get the energy moving.  Gather some of your favorite things and put them out for you to enjoy.  Rearrange your space for more energy to flow.

Forget Staying Up Until Midnight (unless you want to) – Have kids or just don’t feel like staying up late – well it’s your time so it’s your rules and you can celebrate early. I am on #TeamRest, especially after last year, and I have no interest in struggling to stay up past midnight and being exhausted the next day.  Don’t feel pressured to make your celebration a late-night one.  Make it the night you want it to be.  Celebrating earlier in the day lets you enjoy celebrating while still getting a great night’s sleep. 

Get Sweaty – Ring in 2020 with a run or something active. Create your own 5k run about town. Or take a yoga class online with friends. Do a walking tour of some favorite landmarks.  Get in your body and get moving.  You’ll feel great sweating your way into 2022!  

Get Outside – Do you live near a beach (lucky!!), a park, or have some outdoor space?  Gather some blankets and get outside!  This is especially magical if you live in an area where you can clearly see the sky.  If you can get your feet on the ground and sneak some grounding in

Look Within – Pull out your tarot cards, your crystals, your journal, or whatever other tools you want to use for the evening to reflect inward.  Gather some candles, some offerings, and tokens to sit in a space of self-reflection.  Do some breathing exercises to ground into the experience. 

Really take the time to find the ritual the speaks to 2022 you wish to have and spend the evening visualizing and shaping what you want your future to be.  

Let This Become a New Tradition – Find which activity speaks to you and will set the tone for a wonderful 2022, whether it’s some of the ideas given, reading a new book, or cooking a special meal, make it your own unique way to welcome the New Year. 

There’s no wrong way to ring in your New Year, it’s just finding the activity that most resonates with what you wish to attract.