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Bio: Hey, I’m Tina (short for Serpentine)! I’m from the valley but have lived in Ojai for a while now — totally a California girl. I’m a holistic dermatologist, and obsessed with skincare… I just love helping people find their glow and get rid of all that dullness! I eat organic, fresh food (nothing stale in my house), and try to make time to cook despite how busy and on the go I am. We should hang out sometime! 

Perfect date: A bonfire (beach or backyard) or stroll through the farmer’s market

Favorite book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and Atomic Habits by James Clear

What’s in my cup: Right now? Some juice concoction I just pressed… I’m doing a cleanse.

After work, you can find me: getting a facial or peel, or doing a mask at home.

I’ll fall in love with you if: you’re ready to release icky patterns and shed old habits

Theme song: Level Up, Ciara

Astrology: Leo sun, Scorpio moon, Sag rising