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by | Dec 10, 2021 | Tarot, The Dirt | 0 comments

When I first started my tarot journey I heard that you should never purchase your own deck, the idea was that you were to come into contact with your deck through a mentor or gifted from a peer. 


That is how I came upon my first deck, gifted by a friend, though I would find that the cards were too obscure and not suitable for my very limited understanding of the tarot. I loved the imagery but felt a disconnect; for some reason, the meanings weren’t sticking and the chasm I felt would keep me from taking my tarot practice further. So, after some time, I decided to get a deck I felt comfortable with, one that was traditional and would help me learn the meanings of their images. That was truly the beginning of stepping into my identity as a tarot reader. 

So if you’ve been wondering if it’s ok to purchase your own deck, I say absolutely. There are no rules except for the ones you create. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt and practice your sovereignty by making decisions based on what you feel is right for you. Choosing your deck can be a really fun experience, especially if you live in an area where there are a lot of metaphysical shops for you to explore. 

But in case you wanted some advice on how to shop for tarot decks, I’ve come up with 5 tips to help you shop for the deck that is just right for you.

Prism Oracle Deck

1 | Research

Do yourself a favor before purchasing anything and start by researching different decks on the market. These days you can find literally hundreds of decks with a simple Google Search.  Take your time with this too, because every deck is different in its own way. You want to make sure there is an emotional connection with your deck and the more you resonate with the images the more likely you are to be inspired to use them.  Whenever I am thinking about purchasing a new deck it is almost always my emotional guidance system that is the deciding factor.

2 | Skill Level 

If you’re new to tarot you may want to start with a more traditional deck like the Rider Waite or Toth. This will make learning the meanings so much easier as most literature and teachings will typically reference those cards. What is your level of understanding, are you purchasing cards to gain a deeper understanding or are you just on the market for a fresh new deck. Having this in mind when you’re out will help narrow down the choices (since there are so many). 

* Also remember that there is a difference between Tarot and Oracle cards. Be mindful of these differences when shopping around.

3 | Peer Review

Maybe you follow other tarot readers or you’ve seen a deck floating around quite a bit lately. I see nothing wrong with asking around what other readers are using and why they would recommend one deck over another. This will also help you avoid any counterfeit decks which is something that has popped up more recently. Remembering that everything is an energy exchange, so buying your deck from legit vendors where you know the artists will be compensated for their work is highly suggested. 


4 | Try A Few Different Shops

Not only is it pretty fun to roam and explore different spiritual and metaphysical stores, going in person allows you to get an in-person feel for the deck. You’ll be able to see how the cards feel in your hand, choosing cards that are really large can make it difficult to shuffle and might make you feel insecure when handling them.  I’ll repeat it again: you want to feel 100% comfortable and confident with your deck, so try to avoid anything that will give you a reason to not pick them up or use them as often as possible.

Another good thing about going to different shops is you’ll see right away which decks are pretty popular or traditional in nature.  As well as asking shopkeepers their opinion since they are usually tarot readers themselves. 

5 | Don’t overthink it

Choosing your first (or fiftieth) deck is actually a really fun experience. Do your best to take the pressure off of yourself to “choose the right one” and allow your intuition to flow? I believe the right deck always finds their person so all we have to do is open ourselves up to receiving them. 

When it comes to tarot, you get to make your own rules from the deck you use, the way you shuffle, the meanings you give to each card, and ultimately the type of guide you want to be. Tarot is a journey of self-discovery and a chance for you to step into your power.  I hope these tips will help you find a deck you’ll love to connect with and will have for years to come like I’ve had mine.


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