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by | Nov 21, 2021 | Rituals | 0 comments

The Event: Join us for an experimental voyage into plant-guided breath meditations on a sonic somatic voyage guided by biotherapeutic musician Imka, Breathwork facilitator Tom “Rua” Williamson, and Meditation Guide Joshua Cogan. Gathering under a mighty oak for a Sunday Sunset Session to give thanks and tap into arboreal autumnal wonder. We have very limited slots so as to maintain a light footprint, but would be honored if you would join us on this collective journey.

At the end of October,  I attended Woodsongs in Rock Creek National Park.  A childhood friend invited me to the experience and I came with an open mind not totally sure what to expect.  We gathered deep in the park around a majestic old Oaktree.  It definitely fully falls at night time in DC so I came prepared with a mat and blankets and dressed warmly.  As we waited for the Sunset to begin, those gathered introduced themselves and set up their rest areas.  The host gave us all the headsets set to the right frequency so that we could hear Imka translating in a way the sounds of the Oaktree for us.  We heard the sounds of the wind and water and the music through the tree.  It was pretty magical to be able to be bathed in the sounds of the mighty Oak.  To listen to the music of something that held space here long before us and will hopefully live on long after us.  

After giving us a sound bath of tree tunes, Rua led us through a breathwork session.  Breathing together in this open field, tapped into this majestic tree, and surrounded by the rest of the park was an experience.  I have a love-hate with breathwork, probably because I need it, and it seems to keep presenting itself in my life in different ways.  So I am listening and leaning into more breathwork and mediation opportunities as they show up in my life.  

After completing the breathwork exercise, Josh led us through a meditation.  At this point, I think I kind of just melted into the grass and the experience made me feel both so big and so small in the world.  I felt very grounded in both the space but also in the present.  Meditation reminds me that I don’t always have to be consumed by my thoughts.  That I can create my own peace internally. Sitting in the stillness always reminds me to hold more space for stillness in my life.  Sometimes I forget the value.