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by | Dec 14, 2021 | Tarot, The Dirt | 0 comments

If you’re reading this you’ve probably just unboxed your shiny new tarot deck or perhaps are looking for ways to get better acquainted with them.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the benefits to creating a “pre-read” routine. I sort of stumbled across tarot and did a ton of self-study before joining my first group and then taking more courses to help deepen my knowledge. So I’m glad you’re here, let’s get you set up with some simple pre-game rituals to begin giving intuitive tarot readings like a pro. 

Ground & Center 

First, remember that reading tarot is as much about energy as it is about intuition and connecting with spirit (or spirituality). I used to read a couple bars around Sydney and learned really quickly that if I didn’t ground my energy then I may get swept away with that of the bar and it’s’ patrons.  

Before you give or receive any reading, take a moment to center yourself with a few deep, controlled and slow breaths. It doesn’t have to be anything like a deep meditation, just enough so that you begin to feel calm and present.  I also like to set an intention or take a moment to call into my guides.

Calling In Your Team

When I started saying a simple opening prayer before my readings I noticed a big change in my confidence.  I felt supported and protected energetically. It was as if a channel had been made a lot clearer for me to receive messages. Clients began saying things like “this is so spot on” or “ that’s exactly what I was thinking/going to do..”.  

No matter how far along you are on your spiritual or psychic path, you’ve always been and always will be connected to Source and your team of angels.  And if you’ve decided to be of service by way of tarot, they absolutely want to help you give out the best advice possible.  It takes practice and commitment to build that trust muscle though.  

A simple prayer I use goes something like this

“Dear God and Spirit Guides, please help me today. Help me receive the most crucial and important messages for everyone I read for by opening my channel of intuition and clearing it from any negative forces that may restrict me speaking with ease, clarity and faith. I ask that you protect me in your loving energy, surround me with your light that will only let love in and love out. Thank you for always being with me and thank you for being with me now.”

I find if you speak from the heart and just ask to be guided and protected, you’ll be good. Don’t think too much about it.

Creating A Vibe

Again, this all comes down to energy.  How do you want the recipient of your reading to feel, what helps you feel connected and calm.  Have your favorite crystals on hand, I keep a celestite wand with my cards always for clearing and some others for intuition. Will you have music playing, incents, sage… whatever helps you really connect and get into the moment is a plus in my book. Have fun with it, dress up, turn the lights down, you know, really start to embody your psychic archetype. 


If you’re reading for fun, this might not really matter or apply to you. But once you start reading professionally or for strangers, I think this is a good point to make.  Substances like alcohol or drugs can inhibit your ability to connect to your intuition and guides (some may say different, but this has been my experience), so I would suggest staying away from them if you’re going to be reading. 

I set myself a non-negotiable to not drink when I read because of the way it made me feel. Reading tarot for a certain amount of time is exhausting on the system.  My first few times reading for more than 2 hours I couldn’t barely hold conversations afterwards, I would have to go home and sleep off the psychic overload.  Never put yourself in a position to be more susceptible to negative forces or attack, I know how that sounds, but trust me. The more you’re in control of your mind and body the better time you’ll have reading and the better you’ll feel.

Auric Cleansing

After a reading, cleanse your cards from previous energy especially if you allowed people to handle your cards. But you should also cleanse yourself for that energy too.

  • Sage
  • Tea
  • Chord cutting
  • Sound bath
  • Regular old shower 
  • Bath with salts
  • Drink lots of water

This will help with any symptoms of psychic hangover. I found out the hard way to always clear and cleanse my energy after doing heavy readings. You don’t want to wake up with cold sweats from crazy dreams or feel like you’ve been hit by a spiritual mac truck the next day, unable to do anything but lay on the couch. TRUST ME.  Protect your energy!!! 

At the end of the day, have fun with this new experience, there’s no one way to do anything. What works for me might not work for you, which makes this process so special and unique.  

Figure out what helps you tap in, trust yourself completely and don’t get too down on yourself if you miss a step. Learning is all about trial and error. Much love to you, enjoy.