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The Smudge Crystal, Herbs, Essential Oils Catalog

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Beyond, Crystals | 0 comments

Turquoise: serenity, calm, tranquility

One of the oldest healing stones in history, Turquoise does double duty! It’s a powerful healing stone for both your emotional and mental health, calming your mind and quieting your less-than-stellar inner critic. Turquoise represents the tranquil blue-green waters its beautiful color reflects. Bring this serenity into your life by wearing it in a piece of jewelry, one of the most popular ways to keep its calming properties close to you. Nothing but smooth sailing here!

Amber: stress relief, renewal, energy

Drops of the Sun, Tears of the Gods, we’ll take it all! Amber has been represented by many different names and is as desired for its magic today as it was in most ancient cultures. If you’re looking to relieve stress and anxiety, lift depression, or naturally boost your energy – or all three – Amber will be your new bestie! Bonus: Amber can be used to purify your space and remove negative energy by placing stones around your environment!

Lapis Lazuli: truth, self-awareness

Known as the crystal of truth, Lapis Lazuli not only reveals your own inner truth (sometimes difficult to face, but super important!), but also encourages honesty and truth in your engagement with others. Promoting self-awareness is one of the ways Lapis Lazuli reveals your inner truth, allowing suppressed or blocked emotions to surface and helping to get rid of those old things so you can move forward in peace. Once your repressed emotions have been diminished, Lapis Lazuli will help provide an awareness of your motivations and beliefs, giving you a clear roadmap to travel toward your next big adventure. Sounds like a magical crystal, doesn’t it? It is!

Bismuth: transformation, relief of loneliness, wisdom

Think of Bismuth as that friend that’s always there for you – in crystal form! Bismuth eases feelings of loneliness and isolation, bringing relief to us in some of our most challenging times. Considered a stone of transformation, it calms disorder and pushes us toward change while connecting us to our inner wisdom. Whether that inner wisdom is telling you to leave a relationship or job, or to move across the country, or something as simple as making a new purchase, we’re able to actualize our inner wisdom with the help of Bismuth. Some would say this is a crystal to keep with you whenever decision-making comes up!

Blue Kyanite: communication, self-expression, truth

Being a crystal that opens our throat chakra, this beautiful stone comes in varying shades of royal blue and encourages easy and clear communication with those around us. Have a conversation coming up you need support with? Challenging conversations looming can feel like carrying around a thundercloud. Set up a time to talk and place a Blue Kyanite in your pocket to help strengthen your voice on an energetic level and cut through your anxiety, allowing you to speak your truth. Blue Kyanite also encourages self-expression, becoming one of the most useful crystals for those who perform on a regular basis. 

Celestite: relaxation, sleep, perspective

The stunning, sparkly blue of Celestite is only one part of what makes it a perfect bedtime crystal! Have a tough time relaxing at bedtime? Celestite inspires deep relaxation, filling you with harmony and peace as you drift off to sleep. Try meditating with it before bed or holding it for a few moments before you close your eyes to sleep. It’s soothing properties will calm your mind (setting you up for sweet dreams!) while reminding you that tomorrow is a new day. If you’re searching for a healthy perspective on life, Celestite will be your go-to! It shifts our view into seeing the new opportunities that come with the future and reminds us that there is no sunshine without a little rain.

Chrysocolla: communication, self-expression, empowerment

If you’re looking for support around communication in your life, we’ve got a crystal for that! Chrysocolla is one of the top stones for communication. Ranging from a light green to a serene turquoise to a deep blue, Chrysocolla calms our energy and releases our inner wisdom, truth, and self-expression to the surface, where they can be seen and heard loud and clear. As you learn to share your wisdom and truth, you’ll find empowerment showing up where anxiety used to be. Chrysocolla also encourages extra emphasis on the power of our actions, words, and energy on those around us, making this a stone that truly does the heavy lifting if you’re looking for help communicating and getting your point across!

Copper: intuition, vitality, sexuality

Copper may come across as common, but it’s energetic properties are anything but! This stone is responsible for activating the sacral chakra, revving up sexuality and desire wherever it goes. To keep your love life flourishing, keep copper in your bedroom on your nightstand or dresser. Not only will it support you sexually, it also helps promote connecting with your intuition as well as vitality – also a bonus in bed! You can expect your copper stone to give you one more gift: the ability to recognize any walls or blocks that are in the way of your development, allowing you to become aware of them and create solutions.

Desert Rose: confidence, optimism

Consider Desert Rose the stone that’ll jumpstart your confidence! Standing your ground when needed and accepting and addressing conflict and hardships confidently will come naturally with the help of this crystal. Have a bunch of obstacles staring you in the face? Desert Rose will help boost your confidence in getting through them and coming out on top, encouraging an optimistic attitude and supporting you as you manage challenges. Keep it with you during difficult times to help bolster your confidence in yourself as you move through them!

Green Quartz: stability, creativity, abundance

Green Quartz heavily supports our creativity, truly encouraging us to express ourselves creatively through our chosen art. In addition to creativity, Green Quartz is a perfect stone for someone seeking to stabilize their emotions and gain more control over them. Those mood swings? Grab a Green Quartz and let it do its magic! While it’s working magic on your emotions, it’ll also transform negative energy into positive and attract abundance. Sounds like the stone that does it all, are we right? Green Quartz can be a great crystal to meditate with when you’re working to manifest more abundance in your life!

Moonstone: sensuality, intuition

Moonstone is a stunning, iridescent stone with a reputation for being associated with the inner goddess, making it super powerful in increasing our femininity and sensuality. It can support you in embracing your feminine side or be used to celebrate it! Connected with our femininity, Moonstone also increases our intuition, making us more sensitive and in tune with our gut instincts. That guy you’re dating? You’ll have a better feel for where things are going. Wouldn’t that be nice, Mr. Mixed Signals? 

Rhodonite: emotional healing, forgiveness, balance

Rhodonite is a stone that does some true heavy emotional lifting, and we love it for that. Clearing away pain of the past and healing old wounds, this stone will help you process and move through emotional distress, releasing that distress and finding freedom from it. It promotes mutual understanding and forgiveness, and should be kept close after a falling out that you’re working to heal. A stone that can help keep our relationships intact and nourished? Yes, please! Rhodonite also brings balance to the emotions, giving you a more level playing field to work with when it comes to managing your moods.

Tourmalined Quartz: clarity, inner peace

A stone that helps absorb negative energy, Tourmalined Quartz will keep you and your surroundings more peaceful as it gives negativity the one-two punch. Maintaining inner peace is essential to creating a balanced spiritual life, and this stone can help you get there with ease. A walking meditation in nature with Tourmalined Quartz is a powerful way to utilize its energy, connecting it with the earth energies. Notice your mind clear as you work with your crystal, as it promotes clarity of the mind and reduces fogginess in our thoughts.

Apophyllite: healing, anxiety, depression

Any crystal that can help us manage deep spiritual healing is okay in our book, and Apophyllite does exactly that! It facilitates healing on a soul level, digging into our psyches and healing in ways we didn’t even know we needed. As a crystal that heals so deeply, Apophyllite is the perfect stone to keep close if you struggle with depression, anxiety, or intense stress. Keep one with you in your purse or pocket to have it with you, sharing its healing energies, at all times – bringing you a constant way to help unravel negative thoughts and emotions.

Azurite: stress relief, anxiety, grief

This gorgeous blue stone is often called the Stone of Heaven, and will bring comfort to you in even the saddest of times, supporting you through any stage of grief you may be experiencing. Azurite is the blanket that wraps you in love and warmth when you need it, and meditating with Azurite will bring you solace and relief in your emotional turmoil. Azurite also aids us in letting go of stress and anxiety, making it a perfect stone for keeping in your living room or bedroom, wherever you prefer to relax, offering you extra support in shaking off the day and the emotions that came with it.

Chrysoprase: love, abundance, joy

Among our favorite stones to help attract new love is this beauty: Chrysoprase! It promotes joy and happiness and can be the magnet that brings that special someone into your life, bringing you even more joy and happiness! Another property of Chrysoprase we love is its support in the abundance department, boosting prosperity and bringing you a clear vision of the path forward into a positive space. This is definitely the stone of all things good, be ready for some rockin’ changes in your life when you introduce Chrysoprase!

Fuchsite: relaxation, positivity, happiness

Need help finding joy in the little things? This is the crystal for you! Fuchsite is a beauty, sparkling and high energy! It promotes joyfulness while helping to remind us that we can choose to fill our lives with happiness and positive thoughts rather than waiting for them to choose us. Every moment is an opportunity to infuse positive energy into our world, and Fuchsite will serve as your reminder to take this job seriously! Being a heart chakra stone, Fuchsite is also encouraging of peaceful relaxation and healing vibrations, perfect to help wind you down after a long day and transition into your tranquil space of spiritual energy. 

Jade: protection, luck

What do you get when you combine protection from harm with harmony? Jade! Known for its protective properties, Jade will help shield you from landing in harm’s way while it brings you harmony and soothes your mind. Along with that protection, you can expect healthier friendships and good luck to come your way when working with Jade. This is a great one to wear as a piece of jewelry to keep its energy with you from morning ‘til night!

Lepidolite: transition, balance, hope

This beautiful purple, marbled stone works with all of the chakras to help balance your emotional energy and is known as “the stone of transition.” Lepidolite can help you see hope and faith in a difficult situation by shifting unuseful energy patterns and behaviors into more positive ones, leaving you in a lighter, more optimistic and hopeful state – you know, the kind we try so hard to stay in! These shifts facilitate transitions happening in our lives where we may have been resisting them. Ready to move forward from a bad situation onto more positive ground? Lepidolite is the crystal to keep close by!

Peridot: stress relief, confidence, jealousy

Feeling green with envy? The bright green color of Peridot can match that while also relieving it! Known for lessening jealousy and resentment, this stone alleviates a whole host of negative emotions beyond just those. From bitterness to stress, Peridot can help reduce the negativity you’re experiencing while boosting your confidence to push forward and create more positive shifts in your life. You can expect a reduction in those nasty emotions none of us want to feel, plus a surge of growth and motivation for change from this beauty!

Shungite: grounding, clarity, healing

When it comes to healing, Shungite focuses mainly on healing your root chakra, giving you a stronger connection to the earth and offering you a more grounded feeling. Whether your life is chaos right now, you’re busier than you’ve ever been, or you’re stressed to the max, look at Shungite at that friend that can always bring you back down to earth with a good conversation and a glass of wine. Known as the “miracle stone,” Shungite is also known to help promote mental clarity and transformation – bringing positive change into your world. Wearing Shungite as a bracelet or necklace is a perfect way to keep yourself grounded throughout stressful situations.

Sunstone: luck, fortune, stress-relief

If you’ve been feeling the need for a visit from Lady Luck, we can point you in the right direction! Sunstone has long since been associated with luck, good fortune, and increased vitality overall. A stone that can decrease stress and increase happiness, this is one to keep with you for an overall heightened sense of joy and good nature. Your authentic self will shine through and attract positive people, situations, experiences, and opportunities when working with this crystal – so be ready for some uplift in your life!

Unakite: vision, balance, grounding

Known as a “stone of vision and balance,” this multicolored stone helps heal emotional blockages, bringing both your emotions and your spirituality together in a harmonized balance. This balance can create a peace in your life that allows you to slow down and enjoy the positive things, grounding you in joy and tranquility. Once your emotions and spirituality are balanced, you can see visions of what you want for your future clearly and create steps to put into action, making this a crystal to keep around when you don’t know for sure what comes next or you’re foggy on where your path is headed.

Dolomite: heart-opening, patience, loyalty

Sometimes we need help remembering to truly appreciate and find joy in the small victories in life, and to see beauty and wonder in our everyday experiences. We can count on Dolomite to help open our hearts and allow us to lean into these things, bringing more enjoyment to our worlds. Known as a stone of patience, Dolomite helps us renew our ability to give space where it’s needed and wait for the best to come. It also brings loyalty to our lives, helping us stay close to those we love and cherish. A crystal that makes us a better person in so many different ways? Sign us up, please!

Sapphire: depression, balance, peace

The stunning Sapphire stone is a stone that seems to do it all – kind of like your iPhone but prettier! Sapphire is known to help alleviate depression and heaviness, tension, and intrusive thoughts. Because of this, Sapphire is a great stone to keep close if you’re currently doing some work in therapy. It will help guide your thoughts to a more balanced, peaceful place, aligning your mind and soul and bringing tranquility to your mindset.

Ruby: confidence, joy, passion

Ruby, a sparkling, beautiful crystal ranging from lighter pinks to darker ruby reds, encourages confidence and joy in those who work with it. Making it a popular stone, Ruby is commonly known for bringing passion to its owner, whether in the bedroom or in their line of work. When we stimulate our passions, we light the spark within us, promoting even more confidence and joy in our everyday lives. Finding something you’re passionate about is one of the greatest gifts of life. Let Ruby help guide you there.

Chalcedony: nurturing, harmony, generosity

We often find ourselves in need of self-compassion, understanding, and comfort. Chalcedony is the stone to have close when this feels like you, as it’s a nurturing stone that will help soothe you and absorb negative energy that surrounds you. We know how chaotic it can feel when we’re out of alignment, and Chalcedony will quickly bring the mind, body, emotions, and spirit into balance while promoting feelings of calm and generosity. Meditating with this crystal will supercharge the powerful healing properties it can bring you.

Topaz: truth, forgiveness, healing

If you’ve been feeling like your energy is off or not serving you well, Topaz is the stone for you to help realign the meridians of your body and direct your energy to where it is needed most. This can be shifting energy into a space of joy in your life, a space of abundance or good health, or a space of love or family matters. Topaz promotes truth and forgiveness, important pieces of keeping these spaces in your life running smoothly with clarity and intention. Topaz soothes and heals while it recharges us to move forward in the areas of our lives that need its healing properties, allowing us the energy to make changes where needed and find what’s working and what’s not.

Arborvitae: peace, calm, relaxation

Looking to unwind after a way-too-long day? Arborvitae is your go-to! This essential oil inspires soothing relaxation and can add a grounding energy to even the most chaotic of environments. Toys all over the place? Dinner still needs to be made? Work to catch up on for tomorrow? Arborvitae will help inspire feelings of peace and calm even if you’re sitting next to Legos on the couch. Close your eyes, breathe deep, and let it envelop you.

Basil: focus, stress relief, anxiety relief

With its warm, herbal scent, Basil essential oil is known to reduce those feelings of anxiety and tension that can creep up on us without warning. We know life isn’t always rainbows and ponies, and that’s where Basil comes in! There’s no need to just sit in the suck without relief, and Basil will bring you both stress reduction as well as promote a sense of focus so you can tackle problems head on and find solutions!

Bergamot: mood, stress-relief

This citrus essential oil, with properties similar to grapefruit essential oil, is commonly used in aromatherapy for several life-enhancing benefits, from mood elevation to stress-relief and the calming of chaotic thought patterns. Bergamot oil naturally brings us to a more balanced, stable place mood-wise, something we can all usually use from time to time, especially amidst the days of quarantine and Covid. Use Bergamot around your space to spruce up your mood and promote stress-relief for all who dwell in your home!

Cardamom: calming, digestion, clear breathing

With its flavorful, distinctive, warm, spicy fragrance, Cardamom oil can go way beyond cooking and being used to make dishes delicious in the kitchen. Cardamom essential oil also boasts calming, soothing, and relaxing properties, making it a great go-to for anxiety issues or to be used as a stress-relief option. Cardamom essential oil can also be helpful for easing digestion when your food just hasn’t agreed with you, as well as promoting clear breathing, something to try in the colder winter months when the sniffles have caught up with you or your family!

Cedarwood: sleep, insomnia, grounding

One of the best essential oils available to help heal sleep woes, Cedarwood essential oil boasts sedative qualities, creating a perfect oil for use in alleviating insomnia and other sleep disorders. Cedarwood holds calming, grounding properties that benefit the mind, body, and soul, relaxing us and allowing us to drift into an uninterrupted sleep. It can be used as an aromatherapy treatment in the bedroom or, if it makes more sense for you, a few drops can be added to a hot bath before going to bed. Breathe deep in the hot water, breathing in the Cedarwood and allowing it to permeate your senses!

Cinnamon: stress-relief, mood, libido

Looking for a little boost in a bedroom? Cinnamon essential oil can offer that and so much more! This spicy scent promotes stress-relief and boosts energy, two things anyone can use in today’s world. The lift in your libido is just a bonus! Use Cinnamon oil whenever you want to encourage passion or elevate your mood.

Sage: stress-relief, depression, calm

Sage essential oil is basically the natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety of the essential oil world. When you’re feeling wound up with anxiety or experiencing a low mood or bout of depression, Sage oil can be therapeutic in calming the mind and bringing us back to center. A grounding scent, Sage reduces stress like a 60-minute hot stone massage minus the price tag. It’s an oil to always keep in your back pocket for those stressful or down days when you need help lifting yourself back to a balanced place!

Clove: anxiety, toxicity, tension

The superhero of essential oils, Clove oil lowers anxiety, helps protect you from toxic energy, and works to soothe irritation and tension. Whoa! This is an oil that gets high marks from us. Keeping you relaxed and calm in tough situations and combatting tension is enough for one oil, but wiping out dark energy from spaces around you as well? That’s a win in our book. If we can keep toxic energy from entering our space to begin with, we don’t have to cleanse ourselves of it later!

Frankincense: uplifting, peace, grounding

Used spiritually for centuries, Frankincense oil brings us a true grounding, woodsy scent to latch onto and help center ourselves and connect ourselves to our spiritual state and to the earth. It promotes a sense of peace with no meditation required, and its earthy scent acts to uplift your mood and ease your worries. Sit the kids down with a movie and relax while the scent of Frankincense lulls you into a tranquil, connected state.

Jasmine: depression, stress-relief

Reducing depressive symptoms is Jasmine’s superpower! Jasmine oil effectively boosts mood, relieves stress, calms the nervous system, and brings a general sense of tranquility to your space. One of the best oils to use for depression, Jasmine oil lifts you to a place you can breathe again and see more clearly, something we can’t do when we’re experiencing depression. If you struggle with your mental health, keep this gem of an oil around!

Lavender: anxiety, depression, insomnia

One of the most versatile oils, Lavender oil is well-known for its calming properties. Super popular (but nicer than the popular school in school), Lavender oil is used to treat insomnia, relieve sadness and depression, and calm anxiety. The scent of Lavender can heal even the lowest of moods, making it an oil to pick up during difficult times or challenging circumstances in your life.

Neroli: irritation, healing, anxiety

Neroli oil has sedative, anti-anxiety effects that’ll bring you back to center if you don’t want to reach for that medication. Inhaling the scent of Neroli oil can lower the anxiety of even the most anxious person, from mothers in labor to addicts in withdrawal. On top of that, Neroli oil works to heal the heart – whether you’re experiencing a broken heart or sadness, Neroli can bring you healing and support. Lastly, this is an oil to keep around if you’re easily irritated – and these days, is there anyone that’s not a little on edge? Neroli oil can reduce irritation and work those calming properties!

Peppermint: release, fear

Peppermint is another super popular essential oil, known for its amazing ability to help calm down headaches. But it offers so much more in the emotional support department! Encouraging the release of emotions, peppermint helps clear stagnant feelings that have been dwelling and keeping you stuck. The go-to for emotional support, peppermint also helps eliminate feelings of fear that may be coming up for you in challenging situations. 2020? Can anyone say challenging?

Eucalyptus: energy, exhaustion, healing

Finding yourself in a stagnant situation? Ready to make some change but feeling stuck? Eucalyptus can bring fresh, new energy into your situation and re-energize you for making change and moving through challenges – like a Mr. Clean sponge but for life, not bathrooms! Get a fresh start with Eucalyptus oil, also known for relieving mental exhaustion and healing regret and worry. Overall, this oil brings you back to center so you can breathe deep and start new!

Lemongrass: energy, positivity, encouragement

If you need encouragement and positive energy in your life, Lemongrass oil will cheer you on from the sidelines with its fresh, citrusy, earthy scent! A must-have oil for cleansing energy and replacing it with uplifting vibes, Lemongrass is a very purifying oil that will keep both your environment and your aura riding high with positivity. 

Myrrh: spirituality, trust, stress-relief

Wanna know the trusty old oil that’s been used in religious ceremonies and rituals for over 5000 years? That’s right, Myrrh oil! This essential oil has an incredibly spiritual vibe as it helps us integrate our physical being with our spiritual being and helps us become more accepting and trusting of others and ourselves. Myrrh oil opens the heart chakra and is also known to relieve stress and relax the body, a perfect oil for use during meditation to open yourself up to your spiritual realm and truly connect with your heart and emotions.

Patchouli: depression, relaxation, stress-relief

Reach for Patchouli essential oil to help yourself relax after a long day and promote stress-relief, whether that looks like long hours at the office or babysitting the neighbor’s kids! Patchouli oil calms anxiety and creates a state of deep relaxation, as well as easing symptoms of depression. This oil grounds and balances emotions, giving you the gift of finding your peace when you need it the most!

Rose: grief, recovery, anxiety

Rose oil is like that reliable friend who you know would drop anything to be there for you. For thousands of years it’s been used to aid in stress-relief and anxiety, encourage emotional recovery, and, maybe it’s most popular use, to reduce the pain of grief. The friend that brews you tea and sits with you while you cry, Rose oil lessens the heaviness grief brings with it and lifts the darkness, allowing us to begin to see light again. 

Rosemary: transition, fear, pressure

Feeling like you’re living in a pressure cooker? Rosemary is the oil you need to help reduce that pressure and the overwhelm that comes with it. Going through an extreme transition can bring with it confusion, sadness, difficulty, and more, and Rosemary oil will help you through these challenging emotions and the fear that they’re too much to handle – which can sometimes cause us to numb them rather than deal. Grab some Rosemary, pull out your journal, and get to work on those difficult emotions – you’re supported, and you’ll feel so much better once you do!

Sandalwood: self-love, release, compassion

That hard work you’re doing on self-love? Sandalwood oil is the perfect oil to compliment it! Promoting both self-love and love of others, this oil helps to create the releasing of old emotional wounds, assisting you in finding compassion and love for who you are today. Self-compassion is the ultimate form of self-love, so when you’re having a hard time being gentle and kind to yourself, Sandalwood is the oil to turn to!

Spearmint: confidence, communication, courage

Have a speech for work coming up (that you’re panicked about!)? A challenging conversation with your partner is on the horizon? Spearmint oil will give you the boost of courage you need to move through your fear and anxiety while also supporting your communication skills! Helping us articulate more clearly and bumping up our confidence are two of Spearmint’s benefits, both things that can be used when we have challenging situations or conversations coming up that we’re not exactly looking forward to. 

Thyme: calming, stress-relief, anger

Considered “The Oil of Releasing and Forgiving,” Thyme oil is the perfect oil to keep close if you find yourself in a space of anger or resentment. Known to melt away anger, this oil is calming and relaxing and can rebalance you into a space where you have more mental clarity to see situations for how they are when they’re not colored with heavy emotion. Also known to soothe stress, Thyme is an oil we can all use when negative emotions pop their ugly heads up!

Turmeric: uplifting, energy

Ever wonder what tools to turn to when trouble’s knocking at your door and you just need an overall pick-me-up? Give it a try and Turmeric oil will soon be your go-to for a boost in your mood and an uplift in your day and energy. Improving your mood helps give you more control over your emotions and how you react to them, making Turmeric oil valuable for those times when life hands you an emotional rollercoaster. Grab your Turmeric oil and say no, thank you.