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by | May 9, 2022 | Crystals | 0 comments

Understand how these crystals will help you go with the flow. You will be able to take your day more in stride with the changes that may come your way.

Ever feel like you are swimming against the current as you make your way through your day? Same, same, same. Between our careers, family, friends, and well, all the other million forces that we all juggle, it is easy to feel like we are being pulled in a million directions, none of which are within our control. When I’m feeling this way, my instinct is often to strategize with to-do lists or calendars, creating a plan to tackle it. And while that certainly helps to feel less frazzled, it can also leave us feeling exhausted, burned out, or overwhelmed. Another strategy I highly recommend?

Learn how these healing crystals will help you go with the flow. 

Going with the flow is a simple-sounding expression for a life approach that actually requires quite a bit of practice. It requires honing the skills of acceptance, patience, and calm, among other things. Going with the flow, as it turns out, is a delicate balancing act during which you recognize that some things in your life – be it the day’s errands or your five-year career outlook –  are not going to turn out exactly as you imagine. The trick is to realize that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

These crystals will help you go with the flow

Need some extra assistance channeling those “go with the flow” forces and how these crystals will help you go with the flow?

That’s where healing crystals can lend a helping hand. Used alongside your morning intention-setting ritual (place them wherever you regularly spend time at the start of your day), as a mid-day meditation break as you recenter your breath, or as a sidekick to an evening journaling session, healing crystals such as the ones recommended here will help you learn to let go of the idea that the world must unfold according to a strict plan and embrace the idea that perhaps the universe has another, even better, plan in store for you.

Aquamarinefor when you need to find your calm. Even the color of Aquamarine alone can have a soothing effect when life feels particularly hectic. Renowned for its power to mellow and smooth the bumps of interpersonal relationships, this is the crystal equivalent of a chill pill and can help you channel your flow when your instinct is to resist.

crystals help you go with the flow

Sodalitefor when you need to keep in mind the Big Picture. Curious Sodalite can help achieve your “go with the flow” goals by guiding you to see circumstances from a new perspective. Rather than agonize over the details of why something didn’t go exactly as planned, Sodalite urges you to step back and consider the view from far above and whether the misses or failures are actually opportunities and wins-in-the-making.

crystals help you go with the flow

Smoky Quartzfor when you need to release the need to be in charge. Part of going with the flow is releasing your core belief that everything in your life needs to occur in a specific order or manner. Learn to release that belief, and you are well on your way to opening yourself up to the possibilities that come with an open mind and soul. Smoky Quartz, associated with its power to help ground you and release negativity, is the perfect healing crystal to keep by your side.

crystals help you go with the flow

Apophyllitefor when you need to see the joy amid uncertainty. Some people love roller coasters and spontaneity; others feel anxiety at the mere idea of both. If you fall within the latter category, Apophyllite might be the crystal for you. Boosting the powers of acceptance, non-judgment, and contentment, this is a crystal that can help you meditate on the key positive takeaways from any situation – whether it is the one you expected or not.

crystals help you go with the flow

Rose Quartz – One of the most common obstacles to being able to “go with the flow” of life is when we are dealing with other people. The unique personalities and contrasting goals of the kids, partners, co-workers, or even strangers in our lives can be frustrating, especially if you tend to have a rigid outlook. By their very nature, interpersonal relationships are a combination of different and often clashing energies. To mitigate the frustration factor, compassion and empathy may be your most powerful weapons. Learn to love and respect others for the one-of-a-kind magic they bring to any situation and you will go far in channeling that “go with the flow” energy you crave. Rose Quartz, a pink beacon of compassion, is an ideal healing crystal for that journey.

crystals help you go with the flow

Healing crystals will help you go with the flow. Choose yours wisely and tap into their energy.