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by | Feb 16, 2022 | Manifestation | 0 comments

Manifestation – the innate power within all of us to create the life we want and these five crystals will up your manifestation game.

Manifestation involves a combination of intention, focus, and action, to which the universe or God, or higher power responds. We all have the power to manifest. When we consciously strengthen our intentions and act on what we want, the universe will respond.

Manifesting crystals help us in focusing our desires in the form of intention. They strengthen our willpower, help us focus, and inspire us to follow through with our goals.

Five crystals for your manifestation game

amethyst crystal


Amethyst is MY FAVORITE amongst all the crystals, and one of my favorite for manifestation. Amethyst helps grow your spiritual connection to the divine realm and brings tranquility to your life.

One of the most spiritual stones, amethyst enhances intuition and spiritual wisdom, enhances your awareness and protection. It balances your emotions and helps calm or stimulate the mind when needed. Amethyst promotes a higher state of consciousness and helps in your meditation practice. Amethyst combines mental focus with common sense and spiritual insight to help you to clearly identify and manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

rose quartz

These five crystals will up your manifestation game


Rose Quartz is one the best healing crystals and it can help you with all your manifesting goals, whether it’s manifesting abundance, love or creativity.

f you are looking to manifest love and compassion in any shape or form, then rose quartz is absolutely the crystal for you.

Rose quartz is a crystal that emits strong vibrations of love. Rose Quartz taps into the divine feminine energy, and helps restore faith, and compassion, attract new relationships, and self-love.

Rose Quartz is a powerful ally when it comes to manifesting anything. Add rose quartz to your meditation routine and see the endless loving manifestations come to life

tiger eye crystal


Tiger’s Eye is one f for the best crystals for manifesting money, is an amazing option. It’s an excellent money stone, but Tiger’s Eye also harmonizes very well with your root chakra and promotes the abundance of the fertile variety.

If you’re looking to expand your family, expand your living space (by selling/buying a new home or by redecorating your current one), or promote growth and development, Tiger’s Eye is also an excellent choice. 

citrine sphere


Citrine promotes warmth, positivity, and wellbeing. Its color symbolizes the warmth of the sun and life to all it touches. In many cultures, it is also known as the “money stone”, believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the owner of the stone.

Citrine a powerful stone for manifesting wealth and financial abundance.


Pyrite is ONE OF MY FAVORITE crystals for the manifestation of wealth, influence, power, and abundance.

Called in some cultures “fool’s gold” or money stone it’s one of the best among these crystals.

I’d love to know if any of these five crystals will up your manifestation game. Leave a comment!