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by | Oct 25, 2021 | Crystal Matchmaker | 0 comments

Bio: Consider me the CEO of getting shit done. I am a bad bitch, I know my worth, and you gotta get on my level if you want to get with me. I’m not messing around — serious applicants only. Don’t swipe right unless you’re ready to level up. LFG!

If you do swipe right, expect to be with a level-headed problem solver, and to always have a coach/cheerleader/hype human by your side.

Perfect date: You pitch me some solid business ideas, and I tell you what works and doesn’t work. And then we greenlight one. Like Shark Tank!! The date is Shark Tank.

My theme song: “I Am” by Yung Baby Tate

My best quality: Confidence

Hobbies: You can find me crushing a workout, knocking a presentation out of the park, or hyping up my best friends before a first date

After work, you can find me: still at work

Most likely to: hype you tf up

Words to live by: “Let that shit go; you’re a boss.” — me

Astrology: Cap sun, Leo moon, Cap rising