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Whether you’re building your crystal collection as a beginner or adding a few staple stones into your existing group, there are certain crystals that everyone should have on hand, are we right? 

When it comes to everyday things like relationships, peace, better sleep, positive vibes, and more, we can all use a little boost from our favorite stones.

We’ve rounded up the top crystals for anxiety, top crystals for love, crystals for clearing your space, and other top crystals you need in order to have a collection that covers all your bases! Gather these up, and you can continue adding to them with stones more specialized to your life to build the perfect collection for you!

1. Clear Quartz

This stunning transparent crystal is good for a whole lotta things, and is pretty much known as the crystal of all crystals!

Need help busting negative energy? You got it. 

Need some clarification on a situation in your life? This is your crystal. 

Need a hand with some decision-making? You’re covered!

Clear Quartz is the do-it-all and a super powerful crystal to have in your collection from the start!

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Rose Quartz Sphere

2. Rose Quartz

Ahh, Rose Quartz. A dreamy, romantic, beautiful stone that promotes love …of all kinds! 

If you’re looking to strengthen or repair your relationship with a loved one, partner, or yourself, Rose Quartz is the crystal to reach for. A top crystal for love, this stone has a lovely, compassionate energy. You’ll find empathy and healing at an all-time high while working with it.

For anything love-related, keep Rose Quartz close by!

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Amethyst Cluster

3. Amethyst

Known as the “Human Xanax,” and for a good reason! One of the top crystals for anxiety, this popular crystal is a perfect companion for worry and fear, bringing calm, peaceful energy, and high vibes to anyone who works with it.

A perfect stone for meditation, having Amethyst in your collection will keep you protected from psychic attacks and strongly connected to the spiritual realm.

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4. Selenite

Clearing your space? Cleansing your energy? Ready for a fresh start? Let Selenite step in and help! 

This super stone has the powerful capability to cleanse and clear anything it comes into contact with, whether that’s your bedroom or your own energy field! Bonus: it can also be used to cleanse the rest of your crystal collection!

Use Selenite to keep your space, mindset, and thoughts pure, fresh, and ready for incoming opportunities.

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5. Celestite

This dreamy, hazy blue stone will have you drifting off to sleep in no time! 

Everyone needs a crystal in their collection to help with those sleepless nights, and Celestite is the stone to do the job. Its soothing, peaceful energy calms your surroundings. It’s perfect to add to your bedtime routine using a short meditation or even just to keep on your nightstand as you snooze. Shop Celestite Crystals

Citrine Crystal Point 

6. Citrine

Positive vibes, only! This sunshiny crystal is the ultimate high vibe companion, from its warm, energetic color to its ability to attract positivity to your life, Citrine is a must-have in any crystal collection.

Keep it close to promote gratitude, a good attitude, and all things happy!

Citrine is also a stone that helps increase creativity and abundance, so your desk makes a perfect home for it. Shop Citrine Crystals

7. Pyrite

This flashy stone is one you want to have in your collection and use often – trust us! 

“The Moneymaker” crystal, Pyrite attracts abundance and brings moolah your way, helping you creatively manifest ways of increasing the flow of money into your life.

Meditate with this stone, keep it in your wallet next to your dolla-dolla bills, or place one on your work desk to draw the cash to you and keep it coming! Shop Pyrite Crystals

8. Black Tourmaline

This bold crystal’s got your back, you just watch! The perfect protection stone for any crystal collection, Black Tourmaline keeps you safe, emotionally, and physically, and shields you from the bad guys.

An intense crystal that takes its job seriously, this stone will negate bad vibes and block negativity to keep you in a peaceful, protected state from the moment you add it to your group. Shop Black Tourmaline

9. Shungite

Going from caterpillar to butterfly? Keep Shungite close!

Known as a transformation stone, Shungite promotes balance as you move through a pivotal time in your life, whether that be a personal transformation, the transition into new parent, or going back to school.

Ready to remind you where you came from but also keep you focused on where you’re going, this stone will help you grow those wings and fly. Shungite is great for: CRYSTALS FOR CREATING BOUNDARIES Read the blog.

10. Green Aventurine

A mean, green, luck machine, this crystal will bring you all good things in all the best ways!

Known for promoting good luck and synchronous occurrences, Green Aventurine is a stone to keep in a pocket or purse and carry with you all the time. This happy-go-lucky crystal keeps the good times rolling and the good things flowing, all toward you!

Building your crystal collection with these must-haves will put you in a good position – you’ll have a stone to reach for that’ll support you through most of life’s ups and downs. 

But don’t forget, personalizing your collection is important! As you keep adding stones, be sure to do a little research on any situation, symptom, or emotion specific to you so you can create go-to’s for each phase your life takes you through!

This is the beauty of a crystal collection – as you build, you’re truly adding tangible tools to your toolbox to help you through whatever is on your plate at that moment.

We’d love to hear which of these beauties you decide to add to your collection (one? Two? All ten?)! Tag us on Instagram at @SmudgeWellness so we can celebrate your new finds with you!

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