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by | Jan 27, 2022 | Astrology, Spiritual Practice | 0 comments

Using Music To Amplify Your Spiritual Practice

Life is objectively more magical the moment you add a soundtrack to it. Whether you’re washing the dishes, making your bed, doing a workout, or hauling a long commute, listening to your favorite playlist can lift the vibration of a situation exponentially. And if it can transform the mundane into something beautiful, imagine what it can do to your spiritual rituals?!

While I won’t deny even for second the power that binaural beats or frequency music can add to your sleep or meditation, nothing will help you overcome the shadow work behind processing rejection quite like an Adele record, nor step into your Goddess embodiment the way a Solange single can.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to curate some personalized playlists to supplement your rituals and connect you even deeper to your flow state. Here are some avenues that you can look at when piecing together your magical playlists!

Morning Playlists:

This should be as uplifting as possible. You want those feel-good tunes that make being alive extra delicious to hit you while your brain is still waking up and your subconscious is still susceptible. Whatever makes your body move and your heart smile will put you in an energetic frequency that can truly only attract more good vibes for the rest of your day, setting your future self up for 24 hours of serendipity and bliss. Think “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae or “Golden” by Jill Scott. Play this while you’re brushing your teeth, making your bed, or embarking on any kind of morning routine to raise your vibration and align yourself with the highest possible timeline!

Inner Child Work:

These playlists are the most fun to curate because we’re going to want to highlight the tracks we loved as children, and yes, we’re absolutely looking at you, N*SYNC. Whenever you’re embarking on any form of inner child work, you always want to do your best to put yourself back in the shoes of your inner child, and nothing can do this more viscerally than watching old shows you used to enjoy, eating foods you used to love, and of course, listening to your old favorite songs. Inner child healing can get heavy when we’re processing traumas, and having an inner child playlist to turn to can reconnect you to the beautiful and blissful parts of being a kid. For extra help, look at what was trending on the billboard charts during the pivotal years of your adolescence!

Shadow Work:

You know when you’re going through heartbreak and all you want to do is listen to the most depressing music you can find to wallow alongside? While we certainly don’t want to get stuck in that, there’s a beautiful comfort behind hearing the dark emotions you’re processing be mirrored back to you in the most poetic and artistic way possible. Part of our healing comes from feeling seen and within the community, and no one is gonna tell you “I see you” the way Frank Ocean is going to tell you “I see you.” When we ignore the heavier emotions that come alongside processing shadow work, whether it’s rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, or loss, they stay stuck and stagnant in our bodies, manifesting in delayed outbursts or even physical ailments. It’s healthy to make sure that our emotions are always fluid and moving through us, and listening to music that can help us understand our own pain is crucial. So turn on those mood lights, run a hot bath, and cry while Billie Eilish brushes your hair. Just remember that you’ll eventually need to get out of that bath.

Sacral Chakra Healing:

If you’re wondering at what point will you be given permission to listen to She Wolf by Shakira, the answer is now. Dancing is the first thing I recommend anyone do when embarking on sacral chakra healing, aka stepping into sexual empowerment. If there are any sensual songs that make you feel sexy, irresistible, and worthy of being adored, this is where those would go. Once you’ve got this playlist curated, put on (or take off!) the clothes that make you feel the sexiest, drench yourself in oils that make you smell as good as you feel, and give your reflection in the mirror the show of a lifetime. Remember— our sacral chakras are seated right below the naval, so we’re wanting as much hip movement as possible to activate that kundalini energy.

And if you’re still looking for some guidance on how to start curating your playlists, here’s our Lali La Luna x T For Two curated astrology playlists! All you have to know is your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars sign, and you’ve already got some personalized grooves.


Sun: A Funky Space Reincarnation by Marvin Gaye

Moon: Window Seat by Erykah Badu

Rising: Cool Girl by Tove Lo

Mercury: Myself by Bazzi

Venus: Is It True by Tame Impala

Mars: The One by Jorja Smith



Sun: Feels Like (Perfume) by NAO

Moon: Across the Universe by The Beatles

Rising: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Mercury: The Kind of Lover I Am by Demi Lovato

Venus: Someone To Call My Lover by Janet Jackson

Mars: Run to the Sun by NERD



Sun: Don’t Do It by Leikeli47

Moon: There’s a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths

Rising: Stronger by Kanye West

Mercury: Piece of Me by Britney Spears

Venus Kiss It Better by Rihanna

Mars: Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson



Sun: Moody by Brijean

Moon: Red Room by Hiatus Kaiyote 

Rising: Can I Get It by Adele

Mercury: Stubborn Kind of Fellow by Marvin Gaye

Venus: Ginger Me Slowly by Somi

Mars: Want U For Myself by Theophilus London



Sun: Navy by Kilo Kish

Moon: Don’t Take It Personal by Monica

Rising: Attitude by LEIKELI 47

Mercury: Express Yourself by NWA

Venus: Bad Karma by Miley Cyrus or 21 Questions by 50 Cent

Mars: Situationship by Snoh Aalegra



Sun: Dreams by Solange

Moon: Whipped Cream by Ari Lennox

Rising: Moontime by Hope Tala 

Mercury: Heat of the Moment by Drake

Venus: Soft Spot by Piri

Mars: Cater 2 U by Destiny’s Child



Sun: Material Girl by Madonna AND Saucy Santana

Moon: Yummy by Gwen Stefani

Rising: Conceited by Remy Ma

Mercury: Applause by Lady Gaga

Venus: Dope Bitch by Pusha T

Mars: Successful by Ariana Grande



Sun: Kitty Kat by Beyonce

Moon: 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

Rising: I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston

Mercury: Sleep to Dream by Fiona Apple

Venus: He Needs Me by Nina Simone

Mars: Everyday by Jamiroquai 



Sun: Glamorous by Fergie

Moon: Bitches Broken Hearts by Billie Eilish

Rising: Look by Leikeli47

Mercury: Care For You by The Marias 

Venus: You Right by Doja Cat

Mars: Candy Girl by Goldie



Sun: Spooky by Dennis Yost

Moon: Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood

Rising: Oxytocin by Billie Eilish

Mercury: Red Lights by Sault

Venus: Mistakes Like This by Prelow

Mars: Brain by NERD



Sun: Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz

Moon: Misguided Ghosts by Paramore 

Rising: Wanderlust by blAck pArty 

Mercury: Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

Venus: Gimmie What I Want by Miley Cyrus

Mars: Pockets Bigger by Flo Milli



Sun: Father Time by Jean Deaux

Moon: Overthinking It by WILLOW

Rising: Objects in the Mirror by Mac Miller

Mercury: Why iii Love the Moon by Phony PPL

Venus: Stupid Girls by Pink 

Mars: Happy Man by Jungle