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Welcome to Wellness Weekly – Buds of art and life, coming to you every Wednesday.  This will be a weekly series, sort of like a Letter from the Editors that will rotate between Morgan, Lara, and Luigi with the occasional guest.  We’ll hold space on the Dirt to check in on our Sixth Sense: the term we use to refer to our spirit, our intuition and our inner power.  And because while we exist in the world alongside our other Five Senses, we’ll do a check-in of those, too.

This week we invited team member Wendy Rubiano content manager and Manifestation Coach.

Spring is here!

My favorite time of year is spring. Warm weather is one of the things I’ve missed most since moving to LA.

In Costa Rica, it’s summer pretty much year-round, with the exception of the rainy season, in which it’s still hot with heavy rain. Additionally, we don’t have air conditioning or many fans, so I’m used to being warm all the time. 

Now that I live in Los Angeles, the winter has a big effect on me. Cold weather makes me very uncomfortable. I have a hard time heating up, which lowers my mood, saps all of my energy, and makes it difficult for me to enjoy nature, which is my favorite thing to do.

As soon as I start seeing flowers bloom, birds singing, and light rains, I start feeling happier and I start to see the light at the end of this long, dark, and cold winter.


Here are a few things that I do to embrace Blossoming and incorporate it into my wellness routine.

Wellness weekly


wellness weekly

Spring has sprung, so the flowers are blossoming. In the long grass, bunnies are hopping, birds are flying back, and butterflies, flowers, and squirrels are everywhere.

One of my favorite springtime activities is taking walks. Seeing all the new babies at the zoo is one of my favorite things to do with my children. We were fortunate enough to see the baby kangaroos nursing from their mothers while visiting the San Diego Zoo. It was incredible to see.

SMELL: Flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Every spring, flowers appear in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes.

The flowers in Los Angeles are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. What do they feed the flowers here? lol. I have never seen flowers as big and beautiful as these. I look forward to getting them every week when I buy groceries. My daughter and I enjoy buying flowers together. It is fun to choose a different flower every time. Among our favorites are orchids and sunflowers.


wellness weekly

Talent show season is here! I am so happy that COVID restrictions are ending and we are gathering again. Our Kids Talent Show took place last week. My kids are still young and in elementary school. One of my favorite things as a parent is watching my children’s school presentations, so being unable to enjoy them for the past two years has been difficult. We were so glad that all the parents could get together again and watch the talent show together. Seeing the kids sing and perform and the parents there in person to witness it and cheer them on was a joy to see.

My kids sang together “No Se Habla de Bruno” in Spanish (My native language) and they were so cute. 

This week I’m taking my mom to Vegas to see BTS! She is a HUGE FAN. I’m so excited to go to a concert again. It will be nice to see her enjoy herself. It’s been a long time since she’s been to a concert.


wellness weekly

My Mom is in town for Spring Break! That means a lot of FOOD. As every Latina Mom, my mom thinks I never eat enough. For Latina moms, food means health. So the more I eat the healthier I am LOL. She is also an amazing cook and somehow manages to make four meals a day. She also makes sure we all sit down and eat everything. So I’ll be gaining a few pounds in the next few days. 


One of my favorite things about living in L.A. is going out to eat at restaurants from different cultures. You can find everything in L.A. My Mom loves Korean music and is now learning Korean so Korean BBQ is definitely on the list. We’ve also had Sushi, Italian, hot dogs, and Mexican Tacos, and in Vegas, we love getting Ramen.


wellness weekly

Petting zoos and plant nurseries are some of my favorite Spring activities. I love taking my daughter to the petting zoo to pet the bunnies, and the sheep. She loves it and it makes me so happy to see her enjoying nature up close. 

Go outside and blossom with the Spring.