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by | Dec 15, 2021 | Manifestation, Wellness | 0 comments

Manifestation and spirituality have been a great part of my life. Hi, my name is Wendy Rubiano, and I’m so incredibly blessed to be the new Content Manager for The Dirt Blog as well as a writer for the Manifestation Blog, launching in January.

A little bit about me…

I’m a mix of everything. Born in Colombia a culture rich with European, Native American, and black ancestors our heritage is rich in culture, music, food, wildlife, nature, and all things magic.

Colombia is home to magical realism so we all believe magic is a part of daily life and we can see it everywhere in nature.

My parents traveled a lot so I grew up in Costa Rica! Another beautiful country full of nature, wildlife, coffee, adventure, basically paradise. But life is not the easiest in Costa Rica. Living in the rainforest comes with its disadvantages, like hurricanes, earthquakes, poverty, lack of pretty much everything, and crime. Paradise isn’t always what we think it is. But, living in Costa Rica taught me to pray for miracles every day, because we needed a miracle every day. It taught me to help others and to be grateful for what I had.

And California!! Beautiful California… We moved to L.A. because of my son’s medical condition. He has a vascular disease that can not be treated back home. We were able to get help for my son, and he receives treatment at the Children’s Hospital in L.A. But living in California opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of miracles and manifestation. Calabasas where I live now is full of spirituality, Yoga, Crystals, sunbaths, and manifestation Gurus. So my skills have expanded exponentially since living here.

And finally, God is the reason any miracle can happen. I come from a religious background. But sadly learned at a young age, that the church was not where I was going to find God.

So I found him or her in nature. Swimming on the beaches of Costa Rica, hiking the volcanoes, swimming in the rapids.

I found him when my parents divorced, and I had no one to talk to.

I found him when my mom had no money after my dad left, and she had 3 small girls to feed. We saw a miracle when a Gay couple offered her a job at their private school, with free tuition for her daughters and free lunch.

I found him when we had no electricity and nothing to eat and a chef neighbor and his family helped feed us.

I found him again when I was told by the Doctor, I couldn’t have babies, but chose to not believe the doctor, prayed, and had 2 wonderful babies instead.

I found him again when my father passed in an airplane crash, and in our sadness, we started noticing miracle after miracle happening around us, that we just couldn’t explain.

That’s when I realized I needed to study this path, and find out for myself what spirituality was.

I became a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, got certified in Hypno Birth and Prenatal Yoga, Meditation and Manifestation, and I’ll be writing the new blog on Manifestation for The Dirt Blog. I have found my tribe, and I’ll explain in detail in my blog how it all started, tips on how to manifest, principles you must follow for manifestation, and much more.

As my first piece, I would like to share a few tips on How To Use Your 5 Senses to Manifest.

One of the fastest ways to manifest anything in your life is to visualize it, as you already have it.

But what does that mean exactly?

How would you know how you would feel?

This is where your sense come into play.

You can help your mind visualize better if you use your 5 senses.


In order to manifest your dreams, you must be in frequency with what you want.

We can do that by adding sounds that remind us of our dreams.

For example, If your dream is to travel to Hawaii. From now on, instead of listening to your regular Spotify playlist or favorite podcast on your way to work, start listening to the sounds of the ocean, and the music that you’ll listen to on your trip to Hawaii.

Youtube is a great tool if used right. You can’t find a video with music and sounds from the place you dream to travel.

Create a playlist that reminds you of your dream vacation and listen to it as often as possible.


When you think of your dream vacation or dream desire, what smell comes to mind? If it’s a vacation in Hawaii, I think of coconuts, pineapples, sunblock, the ocean. Find out what are the smells that you would find in your manifestation? What does the beach smell like? How does the jungle smell? How does the local food smell? What do their flowers smell like?

Do a little research and start gathering items that bring those smells to your home. You can buy candles, flowers, perfume, wear sunblock with coconut smell, or foods that represent the smells you would find and surround yourself with them every day. 

The smell is the sense most closely tied to memories. Recreate those smells to activate memories even before they happen.


One of the most delicious ways to manifest is through taste. I love food so I make it a habit in my manifestation practice.

Maybe you can’t go on your dream vacation yet, but you might be able to find a local restaurant with flavors from your dream vacation.

Treat yourself to a nice meal from a restaurant of the destination you want to recreate.


“If you see it in your mind, you will see it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

I love pictures and videos. Instagram is where I spend most of my lazy time.

But the difference is I use Instagram as my vision board.

I follow accounts that inspire me to reach my goals, accounts with pictures and videos of my destination, I learn about the culture and food with videos.

You also put pictures of the destination you want to go to around your house, make a vision board of your trip, and put it on your mirror, on the wall you see when you wake up your office, or the fridge.

Every time you see the pictures pray and say thank you for my dream vacation.


Just because we’re not there yet, doesn’t mean we can’t feel what it would feel like. What kinds of things will you touch on your trip? Is it sand? Maybe it’s trees and leaves, or rain. When I think about Hawaii I think of coconuts, palm trees, sandy beaches, seashells, exotic plants, and rain.

Bring some of those elements into your home. Touch coconuts and close your eyes for a few seconds and picture yourself at the beach drinking coconut water. Buy some seashells and keep them with you and thank God every time you touch them for your vacation.

Take your shoes off and walk barefoot through your backyard daydreaming of how your feet will feel on the beach or the jungle.

Get creative. Once you get going, you’ll be surprised by how many ideas start to come true right in front of you.

Always remember to stay grateful after you have already received your manifestation and stay positive if it takes longer than you hoped.

I’m so happy to be here.

Let’s start 2022 celebrating and manifesting.

I’ll be here to guide you through.

Wendy Rubiano

Content Manager – The Dirt Blog

Manifestation Guru