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by | Jan 6, 2022 | Wellness | 0 comments

Like the fool card in the tarot, I am leaping into 2022 with full faith that all of the work I’ve poured into myself these past two years will catch up to me. I’m in a space where it truly doesn’t matter what chaos is happening around me, nor who comes or goes from my life, because I am very deeply anchored in my own soil of self-curated peace.

I have a safe home within myself, within my routine, within my internal dialogue, and I hope anyone reading this has immersed themselves in creating safety within as well. If we’ve learned anything since 2020, it’s that we cannot have any reliance on external relationships or promises. Anything can drastically change in the blink of an eye, but you’ll never be separated from yourself. If you prioritize being intentional about caring for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, and build healthy boundaries that honor your self-worth, you’ll have a foundation so strong that it can’t be rocked by the inevitable ebb and flow of life. You can observe what goes on around you and respond to it, but never drown. And that’s what this year is feeling like to be— the year where I root myself in the home I’ve built within.

Sight: I, unfortunately, am one of those people who swears by having New Year’s resolutions, and one of mine has been to ride my bike every morning and catch the sunrise. It’s unraveled me in a very spiritual way, to commit to rising early just to gift myself the pleasure of witnessing nature at its most beautiful. It’s like my own forehead kiss, and the challenge of actually doing it has deepened my sense of commitment to my well-being.

Smell: My daily routine now consists of tidying up my living space and immediately letting an entire incense burn, which has been such a grounding practice for me. There’s something in the act of it, but mainly it just smells so gggoooooooddddd. You don’t realize how stagnant the energy of a room can get, how the walls will house your fleeting emotions, and having a physical practice that will clear it and also bring your senses some delight is amazing. 

Taste: Ya girl has been JUICING. Lately, carrot // celery // green apple is the jam. I try to get it in first thing in the morning, but sometimes I wake up way too hungry to go through the whole juicing process and instead just eat a bowl of oatmeal with chocolate and pecan butter, haha. Someone needs to make the juicing process less tedious because yuuuummm.

Sound: The “Expanded” podcast by To Be Magnetic has been carrying me through life right now! It explores the connection between manifestation and our sense of self-worth, which has been incredibly heart-opening. You don’t realize how small (or large) instances from the earlier parts of your life taught you fundamental principles about the conditioning you place on your worth, and undoing all of that really puts you in the most magnetic state possible. As far as music goes, it’s been Hiatus Kaiyote and Missy Elliott nonstop.

Touch: Lately, I’ve been meditating while holding my obsidian sphere from Smudge and it’s probably the most empowering stone I own. Since I’ve been doing so much self-worth work, it’s allowed me to dance with my shadows a bit and feel strength from the eclipsed parts of me. I would HIGHLY recommend it!