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What is your super power? It’s a question you should know the answer to and let’s get started on how you can do just that!

About Smudge:
The Smudge founders were also the first customers. Lara and Luigi, long-time friends in San Francisco, bonded over their love for pop divas, a deep late-night therapy sesh and the healing powers of crystals. As they dove in deep together and started experiencing the positive impact of having a meaningful spiritual wellness practice, they started spreading the love to their friends and family through customized gifts that helped them find their own personal magic.

Smudge Wellness, the company, was born in 2018, and the first-holiday gift was sent that December. In addition to the power, they get from their favorite stones (Lara is rarely without her malachite, and Luigi has never met labradorite he doesn’t like), what really gives Smudge an extra energy boost is hearing from a customer who is feeling more connected and in love with who they really are.

They named the company Smudge because they wanted to conjure the often messy, the always unique, and the forever beauty of creating a personal spiritual wellness practice — based on their own personal experiences of doing it themselves. As messy as a dirt smudge, as unique as a fingerprint, as healing, cleansing, and special as rituals that bring renewed connection.

What is your super power?

Our approach
Our approach to spiritual wellness is rooted in mindful self-compassion. There are three pillars to this approach:
Practical magic — our healing products and tools meet at the intersection of pragmatic and mystical.
Life is messy (and that’s okay!) — we embrace ourselves not despite our imperfections but because of them.

Spiritual wellness is deeply personal and one-of-a-kind — the only practice that works is the one that works for you.

Our commitment
We believe that wellness runs beyond skin deep and comes in many different forms. So rather than give you a one-size-fits-all prescription on how to live your best life, we instead search the world for out-of-this-world tools and rituals to help you feel more connected to the power you have and help give you the guidance to amplify it. We are committed to shining a light on our customers and partners in all their unique energy and never remaining silent in the unending fight for racial and social equity. And, of course, Lizzo. We believe in the power of Lizzo.

What is your super power?
Name: Lin Chen

Self-Description: CEO & Founder of Pink Moon, social entrepreneur 
What is your Super power? Empathy
How do you take care of your power?
I take care of myself first. I make sure to take time for myself every day through beauty rituals (gua sha helps me slow down and relax!) so that I can take care of others (in my personal life and through my business)
What is your super power?
Name: Aliya Manjee

Self-Description: Late-twenties ambivert living her best life in Washington DC. Audacious, responsible, funny sister, friend, fashionista, and wellness superstar!! 
What is your Super power? Helping people figure their shit out. Whether it is a small decision or a tough situation, I love helping people talk through their options and take action.
How do you take care of your power? By taking care of myself! I have some daily and weekly practices that help me stay grounded and learn to set boundaries with my time. We are all a work in progress. 

Name: Philippa Hughes

Self-Description: Philippa P.B. Hughes is a Social Sculptor and Creative Strategist who designs relational spaces for honest conversations across political, social, and cultural differences. She has produced hundreds of creative activations since 2007 for people who might not normally meet to engage with one another in unconventional and meaningful ways. These relational experiences build social capital, social cohesion, and social discourse. Her practice encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach informed by sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, history, community organizing, design thinking, creative placemaking, art, and humanities. Philippa has spoken internationally, including TEDxAmericanUniversity, Placemaking Week Amsterdam, University of Michigan’s Penny Stamps Speaker Series, and Fort Worth Women’s Policy Forum. Her work has been featured by CNN, PBS Newshour, CityLab, and The Washington Post, among other media outlets. Philippa’s mission: To create a society in which all humans flourish.

What is your Super power? Curiosity and I make connections between ideas and people that don’t seem like they have anything in common at all.

How do you take care of your power? I always say yes to meeting someone new. I read voraciously, and I ask a lot of questions.

What is your super power?
Name: Grace Duong

Self-Description: Artist, author, founder of Mystic Mondays
What is your Super power? Creativity
How do you take care of your power? I pay attention to my dreams, constantly look at symbols, connect with my guides, meditate, and journal.
Name: Dev Heyrana
Description: Artist. Inspired by the women who came before me, walk beside me, and the ones I am raising.
What’s Your Super power? Finding your voice through ART. Why is it healing and empowering?
How do you take care of your power? By finding light and hope in even the darkest moment.