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by | Mar 17, 2022 | Crystals | 0 comments

Looking for a bit of luck in the career department? Aren’t we all? You can work with these crystals for career success.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and building a whole new path for yourself in a new industry or hoping to climb the ladder in your current position, some crystals can help with that! You probably know by now crystals emit powerful energy, helping us hone skills, move through challenging times, heal deeper, communicate more clearly, and so much more.

But one area that often gets missed when people think of working with crystals is a career.

Meditating with certain stones, keeping them on your desk at work (or, let’s face it, your work-from-home desk!), or wearing them in a piece of jewelry can surround you with uplifting energy ready to boost your achievements and help you reach heights you never dreamed of in your work life.

Get ready to learn which crystals can help catapult your career success and boost you to the top tier in no time!


Crystals for Career Success


Commonly known as the abundance stone, Citrine will be your ally for new partnerships and entrepreneurship!

As a crystal known for attracting financial wealth, success, and prosperity, Citrine helps you bring positive, abundant vibes into your energetic surroundings and enables you to stay open to career opportunities around you.

Need some encouragement to step out into the unknown and take a risk or chance? Choose a Citrine stone and keep it with you for increased creativity, courage, and achievement, resulting in the attraction of wealth and success!


If you’re looking for a bit of a boost taking care of business, getting things done, and moving forward into the space where promotions take place, Sodalite is your stone!

A crystal to hold onto when you’re looking to progress your goals, Sodalite will create an efficient, energetic environment you can feed off of and absorb to catapult productivity and push yourself to get things done on time.

If you need to check things off that to-do list on your way to the top, Sodalite is the stone for you. Keep it by your bedside while you snooze to go into each day with a positive attitude and motivation to reach for the stars.


This mirror-like stone has its appearance for a reason – to help you see yourself in its reflection and know your worth!

When it comes to asking for a promotion, attracting abundance, and bringing money your way, Pyrite has you covered.

Known as the moneymaker crystal, it’ll help you manifest creative ways to increase the cash flow into your life while helping you feel worthy of the abundance you’re attracting!

Keep Pyrite close by to boost confidence and remind you that you’re worth every penny.


A stone that promotes career success through introducing new opportunities and cultivating personal strength, Sunstone is a surefire way to up the ante at work.

If you’re seeking a change in your field, keeping Sunstone nearby will help you stay aware of open doors and give you unbiased curiosity, allowing you to check them out without any judgment. You never know when you’ll find something right for you!

To take advantage of this supportive energy, meditate with Sunstone or wear it in a piece of jewelry to keep it near you at all times, drawing in new opportunities and helping to keep your eyes open to them!


Green Aventurine

Known as the stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine will help you blast away destructive habits, allowing you to put your best foot forward and make the changes you want to see in your career and life.

Also known to boost leadership qualities, this crystal can help you polish up your skillset to climb the ladder you’ve been looking to ascend and achieve the goals that have been on your vision board.

Meditating with this stone can help you prioritize career growth and keep a close eye on changes you need to make to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.


Powerful, positive career success comes from a powerful, positive foundation! Build and protect that foundation with Black Onyx, a stone that helps ward off negativity and keep it at bay.

Stay focused on the outcome of career growth by keeping your head down and your eye on the prize while Onyx helps surround you with only positive vibes.

A bonus? Black Onyx can help you clear your mind and get back into a good headspace after a work-related misunderstanding or a situation that pours on the stress.

Keep this crystal on your work desk or in a purse or pocket to surround yourself with its supportive properties at all times!

These crystals can help you shine bright in your career and achieve the success you see for yourself while honing skills that will help you to the top.

Adding any of these crystals to your collection will enhance your career opportunities and bring you to a place of satisfaction with your work.

Remember to share with us which crystals you choose and love at @SmudgeWellness! We can’t wait to celebrate your career wins with you!